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To Report an Emergency call 9-1-1
Non-emergency calls for service call 407.836.HELP (407.836.4357)

Think a law enforcement agency's Communications Center isn't important?  Any deputy who has worked the streets will be the first to tell you that the Communications Center is his or her lifeline when they enter that dark building in search of a suspect.   And when a citizen makes that frantic call for help because their child has just fallen into the backyard swimming pool or someone is breaking into their home in the middle of the night, guess who is going to answer that call and send help? 

Few would argue that the folks who take those calls and maintain constant contact with the cops on the streets perform one of the most vital functions of the Sheriff's Office.

And, like their fellow employees in other sections of the agency, the men and women who answer those 9-1-1 calls and dispatch deputies to those calls for help manage to stay very, very busy.  Let's take a look at their 2011 performance indicators at right...

In addition the section's records custodian completed over 4,404 requests for copies of recordings of telephone calls and radio transmissions.  The turn around time to facilitate these requests has been shortened by the transition from analog cassette tapes to digital CD's and emailable.wav files.

Looking for an Orange County Sheriff's Office telephone number or address?

READ Tonya Brewer's, a manager with the agency's Communications Center, tribute to telecommunicators.



Communication  Center
 by the Numbers


  • 1,175,735 calls for service

  • 609,513 9-1-1 calls received

  • 3,221 calls every day
  • 134 calls every hour
  • 2 calls every minute
  • Teletype operators completed 12,632 entries, 4,804 messages, and 2,293 BOLO's



  • 1,158,417 calls for service
  • 580,951 9-1-1 calls received
  • 3,173 calls every day
  • 132 calls every hour
  • 2 calls every minute
  • Teletype operators completed 11,249 entries, 4,607 messages, and 2,539 BOLO's


  •  1,324,288 calls for service
  • 592,939 9-1-1 calls received
  • 3,628 calls every day
  • 151 calls every hour
  • 3 calls every minute
  • Teletype operators completed 11,014 entries, 4,788 messages, and 2,108 BOLO's