Hostage Negotiating Team

 Critical Incident Management Team


High Risk Incident Command 

Hazardous Device Team 

Emergency Response Team 

The Special Response Team is one of the newest specialty units to come on line at the Sheriff's Office.  Clearly... the unit was born out of necessity and the dangerous times we live in.  Think of this unit as a SWAT Team that is prepared and equipped to perform an already difficult, dangerous, and demanding enforcement activity in an environment or crime scene involving biological hazards or hazardous chemicals.  

While the impetus for the formation of this unit clearly came out of the tragic events on September 11, 2001 in New York City and the threats of terrorist activity in any jurisdiction in America, they have already proven themselves in local law enforcement issues.

Team memebers are put to the test when a methamphetamine laboratory is discovered in Orange County.  Where deputies and suspects can be overcome by the toxic chemicals in these environments.

The SRT will be summoned to deal with these dangerous and highly volatile situations with their protective equipment to make an entry to find all of the chemicals, some of them highly explosive used to produce crystal meth.

The Team conducted four (4) Meth Lab warrants during the year and attended a local CALEA Training which involved a WMD response. The SRT team consists of 18 S.W.A.T. operators and 18 ERT operators. Team members received 1560 man hours of SRT Training and 240 man hours CALEA Training.