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Major Jeff Stonebreaker

Commander - Support Services Division
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804

he agency's Support Services Division is yet another one of its "behind the scenes" commands that clearly has a great deal on its plate.  The division manages several of the agency's critical support functions to include the Fleet Management Section, the Records and Identification Section, the Information Management Section, and the Accreditation/Facilities Security Section.

While the operational and enforcement endeavors of the Sheriff's Office are the cornerstone of its primary mission, Sheriff Demings would be the first to tell you that its community outreach programs, programs designed to interact with and serve children, and any opportunity to form a partnership with the citizens it serves are vital to its success in dealing with the community's crime issues. You will find a number of these programs operating under the Support Services Division including the agency's Youth Services Section. 

Youth Services Section

Throughout his years of public service Sheriff Demings has recognized the importance of providing quality outreach services to youngsters for a very simple reason...  our children represent the future of our community.  Like so many Sheriff's who preceded him, Sheriff Demings is committed to the agency's School Resource Officers, the MAGIC program, and several other agency programs targeting the county's juvenile population.

A partnership continues between the Orange County Sheriff s Office Youth Services Section and the Orange County School Board. Together they strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment. The Sheriff’s Office and the school system share the expenses to place deputies in the public school system. The uniqueness of a school setting enables the deputy to serve as a positive role model while interacting with the students in their daily environment.

For the school year 2011, there were many instances that required the attention of law enforcement in and around the schools we serve. Some statistics that show the agency’s commitment to protecting our youth are as follows: 1,797 reports written, 710 arrests, 63 weapons confiscated, 30,356 student counseling sessions, 9,250 parent counseling sessions, 9,824 classroom presentations, 12,114 traffic and parking citations or warnings and 1,147 truant contacts.

Information Management Section
If you think computers aren't a vital component of any business operating in today's world, walk into any office when the "network goes down."  Suffice to say, things pretty much come to a grinding halt.  Fortunately the Orange County Sheriff's Office has a crackerjack team of in-house computer specialists who not only keep the agency up and running but have it on a steady course to incorporating the latest and most up to date computer technology into its day to day operations on a regular basis. 


The section is responsible for every aspect of computer use within the agency from the purchase and installation of software for an employee's desktop system to the development and implementation of the complex systems behind the state of the art CAD system used to send deputies to an emergency call for service.  Clearly IMS impacts virtually every part of the Sheriff's Office and is vital to the day to day operation of the agency to include the maintenance and providing technical support for the agency's web site.

The IMS section supports thousands of computers and telephones in dozens of locations throughout Orange
County. Critical applications include, Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Criminal Intelligence and Analysis, Mapping (GIS), Payroll and Human Resources.

During 2011, IMS handled nearly 16,000 service incidents ranging from simple technical questions to virus removal and data recovery while maintaining an overall 99.47 percent availability of key technical resources.
Information security is a critical function of IMS and in 2011, hundreds of thousands of unauthorized attempts
to access agency resources were prevented. This effort saved countless hours of work and ensured only
authorized users were allowed access to confidential material.

Records Section

As you would imagine, a law enforcement agency the size of the Orange County Sheriff's Office generates a lot of "paperwork" in the form of written police reports and the myriad of documents generated during the investigation of a crime.  The responsibility for maintaining that paperwork, properly documenting it, and storing it for quick retrieval is one of the many responsibilities of the agency's Records Section.  Worth noting, paperwork has become passe' at the Sheriff's Office.  For several years the agency has been making a steady transition towards becoming a paperless agency.  Many of the once handwritten or typed documents are now produced, disseminated, and maintained electronically. 

During 2011, the agency's Document Imaging Technicians prepped and scanned 239,486 documents, requiring the preparation of 705,450 pages and scanning 699,911 pages of current work.. Not only does this greatly expedite the process of completing the myriad of documents that come with a criminal  investigation, the
process saves money, and a few trees along the way.  

While the average citizen would associate the records counter as the place they would go to obtain a police report they do much more; this unit processes all paperwork for each case number assigned by the Communications Division and meets demands for records made by the public.
In 2011, this unit filled 158,660 requests for records and attended to 22,708 customers that came to the counter. 

Members of the section's Report Review staff verify and prepare all cases submitted to the State Attorney's Office.  In 2011, this unit submitted 25,950 case reports and processed 17,291 tasking requests.  Personnel assigned to the Records Section also play an integral part in providing Tallahassee with the agency's Uniform Crime Report data and are responsible for all latent fingerprint comparisons and testifying in court as to the results of those comparisons.  In 2011, the unit performed
3,879 latent comparisons, 1,676 latent identifications, verified 9,460 Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) entries and made 81 court appearances. The Photo Lineup Specialist performed 337 photo lineup presentations for Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as other law enforcement agencies.

Records Section personnel are also responsible for processing all fingerprint cards of suspects booked into the Orange County Jail and verifying the arrestee's identification as well as updating their criminal histories.  They also conduct public fingerprinting.  In 2011, the staff processed 45,257 fingerprint cards, performed 3,204 public finger-printings and worked on over 67 identity theft cases.  Suffice to say, the Records Section is invaluable to the day to day operation of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Victim and Volunteer Services

The agency's in-house volunteers, its Explorer post, The Citizens on Patrol program, the agency's Chaplains, and volunteers working in the Mounted Patrol barn and the mounted posse contribute thousands of man hours to the Orange Count Sheriff's Office.  If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Sheriff's Office please visit the Volunteer Services section of our web site.

Fleet Management Section

The daunting task of procuring and maintaining the majority of vehicles used by the Sheriff's Office is the
responsibility of the Fleet Management Section.  

Fleet Management is tasked with purchasing, maintaining and ultimately disposing of the Sheriff’s Office fleet of automobiles, trucks and other specialty vehicles. During this past year, Fleet Management completed 14,661 repairs on 2,104 pieces of equipment. The average yearly miles for an agency vehicle were 13,925 resulting in a total of 24,494,414 miles driven.Over 1.9 million gallons of fuel were purchased in 2011. With the use of outside vendors we were able to complete 3,100 oil change services, 121 tire repairs and 153 new vehicles equipped for assignment to agency members, allowing for less down time.

And, when the section isn't buying and maintaining cars they are selling the agency's surplus vehicles.   During 2011, Fleet Management had two successful vehicle auctions netting the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and taxpayers $130,700.00.