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FAQ's - Sworn Positions

Question:  Are you hiring?

Answer:  Yes.  Positions are opened and closed on the website periodically based on vacancies.  Please check the Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement Support pages for information on each position.

Question:  Do you sponsor people to the academy?

Answer:  Yes, however, sponsorship opportunities are very competitive.  We receive over 1,500 applications each year for sponsorships, but only about 50 people are sponsored.

Question:  How can I make myself more competitive?

Answer:  By attending a law enforcement academy on your own.  Many schools offer evening academies.

Question:  What are the qualifications for deputy sheriff?

Answer:   All candidates must have at least 2 years of college (60 credit hours), military or law enforcement related experience or any combination thereof, or two years of full-time law enforcement experience.

   Additional requirements include:

  • H.S. or GED diploma 
  • At least 20 years of age 
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Valid drivers license for the last year and have no more than two moving violations over the past the past 3 years.  No DUI convictions for the past 5 years.  Other driving history will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony. Must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral character, false statements, perjury or domestic violence.
  • Must never have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States
  • No illegal drug usage over the past 3 years.  Other drug usage will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Good physical condition
  • Vision of 20/40 corrected or better


Question:  How long does it take to get hired?

Answer:  Processing for all positions is very thorough and can take 3 – 6 months.

Question:  Is there an age limit?

Answer:  Candidates must be 20 years old to apply for deputy; 18 to apply for civilian positions.  There is no upper age limit and we hire people of all ages, based on their qualifications. 

Question:  What are the physical requirements?

Answer:  Law enforcement is a highly demanding job, both physically and mentally.  All candidates are required to pass a rigorous medical exam (including treadmill EKG).  Academy sponsorship candidates also participate in a Physical Ability Test, which includes a 1.5 mile run, push-ups, and sit-ups.  For requirements and methods for preparing, refer to the Law Enforcement page.   

Question:  Do you have a tattoo policy?

Answer:  Yes.  For information on tattoos click here, go to page 4, section C, number 6 in our Appearance, Uniforms, and Equipment Policy.

Question:  Do I have to live in the county?

Answer:  No.  However, in order to take home your agency vehicle, you must live within 20 miles of the county line.

Question:  If I’m hired as a deputy, how long before I can go into a specialized unit?

Answer:  Two years. 

Question:  I have prior experience.  Do I need to go through the full Field Training?

Answer:   Yes.  Occasionally Field Training is expedited for candidates with experience.  Candidates for Court Security Deputy participate in the Basic Recruit Training, with additional training at the Court House.

Question:  How long is Field Training?

Answer:   A total of one year.  Eight weeks in class, then twenty weeks with a trainer.  The remainder is solo.

Question:  Do I have to be a United States Citizen?

Answer:  Yes.  This standard is required by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

Question:  Is there shift work, or can I start on days?

Answer:  The shifts are fixed and do not rotate; most newly hired deputies will work evenings or nights.

Question:  I’m certified in another state.  Can I be hired?

Answer:  Yes, however, you must first complete the FDLE/ Equivalency-of-Training course.  Law enforcement officers from the military or Puerto Rico may also be eligible.  See the Careers/Out-of-state link on our website.

Question:  I have a military clearance.  Do I need a full background check?

Answer:   Yes.  All of our candidates go through the same background check.


Question:  Do you sponsor people to the academy?

Answer:  Yes, however, sponsorship opportunities are very competitive.  We receive over 1,000 applications each year for sponsorships, but only about 50-75 people are sponsored.

Question:  How long is the academy?

Answer:  The full-time/day academy is approximately 5 months long.  The part-time/night academy is about 9 months long.

Question:  If I decide to put myself through an academy, how much does the academy cost?

Answer:  It varies per academy, but the cost of tuition plus equipment is approximately $3,500 ($6,500 for out-of-state candidates).

Question:  Which academy is best, or which does the OCSO recommend?

Answer:  Every academy has the exact same FDLE curriculum and has similar FDLE testing pass rates. The OCSO sends all sponsorships to the academy at Criminal Justice Institute at Valencia College.  We recruit and hire candidates from academies all over the state. 

Question:  Does the VA cover the cost of the academy?

Answer:  Yes, along with a multitude of other financial benefits.  Contact your local VA representative for details.



Question:  What positions are you hiring for?

Answer:   See the Civilian Positions dropdown for detailed information about vacancies.  This list changes occasionally, so please check back periodically.

Question:  Do I have to be a U.S. citizen?

Answer:   No.  Candidates for civilian positions may be registered aliens.

Question:  I already applied but haven’t heard or was not chosen.  Why?

Answer:   We receive thousands of applications for our civilian positions each year.  We attempt to make contact with each candidate, so please check your emails periodically (remember to check your “junk” mail).  All positions are very competitive. 

Question:  How can I make myself more competitive?

Answer:  We look for candidates with solid work history, college, military and/or experience related to the position sought.



Question:  What other things do you look at when hiring?

Answer:  We consider all aspects of a candidate’s work history and experience.  We also review criminal history, credit, driving history and character.

Question: What is the Orange County Sheriff's Office benefit package?

Answer: The Orange County Sheriff's Office has a modern approach towards benefits. Not all employees have the same protection requirements. By design, our package allows individual tailoring to personal needs and desires. As circumstances change, our employees can modify their personalized program. Follow the below instructions to evaluate this state-of-the-art benefit package.

For more information, go to the top of this page and hover over Administrative Services. Hover over Human Resources Division. Select Employee / Retiree Benefits.