How to Commend or Complain about an Employee

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Sheriff Demings is committed to providing all citizens and visitors of Orange County the best possible law enforcement services available. The Sheriff believes good ethics and principles on the part of every deputy and employee of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are the very foundation of a professional organization. However, there are times when the public may be concerned with the actions of an employee. As a means of constantly striving to improve police performance and maintain the highest respect from the community, the Orange County Sheriff's Office:

  • Seeks citizen input for improvement in our services.
  • Welcomes citizen commendations of our personnel who admirably perform their duties.
  • Encourages questions and/or complaints regarding the agency's performance or the actions of its employees whenever there is a concern.
Whether you wish to commend an employee or file a complaint about the actions of an employee, you may do so in the following ways:
  • Contact the Professional Standards Section by phone at 407-254-7441
  • Complete the Citizen’s Commendation/Complaint Form below or print the document here. The form may be submitted electronically by filling out the form below, or printed and faxed to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards Section at 407-254-7453.
You may also deliver the completed form in person or mail it to the below listed address:
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Office of Professional Standards
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32804
Commendations will be forwarded to the employee’s Division Commander to ensure prompt recognition is given to the employee. Complaints will be thoroughly and promptly investigated and in most cases completed within 45 days. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the investigation may be conducted by the Professional Standards Section or forwarded to the appropriate Section Commander for review.
If you need further assistance, please call one of my supervisors in Professional Standards and they will gladly assist you.

When making a commendation/complaint you are encouraged to include your contact information so you can be contacted in the event additional information is needed. It will also enable us to inform you of the disposition of your commendation/complaint.



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