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Major Denise Demps
Commander - Uniform Patrol Division
2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804

Few would dispute the fact that deputies assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division are the backbone of the Sheriff's Office. These are the men and women who are the first to respond to your call for help. They are almost always the first to arrive on a scene and give aid and comfort to the injured. They often put themselves in harm's way every day they are on the job to stabilize a violent domestic call or when they search a dark building for a dangerous suspect. They pull victims out of burning buildings or give the first life-saving breaths of CPR to the child they have just pulled out of a backyard swimming pool. They serve and protect the citizens of Orange County and they do it with little recognition or fanfare. They take it all in and see what they do as simply part of their jobs.


Orange County Sheriff's Office
Patrol Sectors


Sector I  

Captain Daniel Gutierrez - Sector Commander

1111 North Rock Springs Rd.

Apopka, Florida 32712


Situated in Northwest Orange County, Sector I was once known for its vast agricultural areas with its only claim to fame being the home of the finest sweet corn grown in America, one of the state’s largest freshwater lakes, and the home of numerous commercial greenhouses where ornamental and landscaping plants were cultivated and sold. In just a few short years the area has become dotted with a number of new subdivisions, shopping plazas, and strip malls that were once more common in other parts of the county. As is the case with other rapidly growing regions in the county the policing needs of the area have changed with the times to meet the challenges of this growing area.

Sector II

Captain Stephen Garrison- Sector Commander

11000 Lake Underhill Road

Orlando, Florida 32825


Sector 2 encompasses all of East Orange County for a total of 408 square miles and has over 400,000 permanent residents.  Sector 2 has a diverse population and a variety of businesses and educational institutions.   It is home to the University of Central Florida’s main campus, which is the second largest university in the country.  Also, located in East Orange County is Valencia College and Full Sail University. 

The Alafaya Trail corridor is the busiest area for Sector 2.  It encompasses numerous residential communities with Avalon Park being the largest sitting on roughly 1,860 acres and containing 3,400 houses.  Additionally, it has 500,000 square feet of thriving commercial space.  Nearby, is the Waterford Lakes shopping area that contains almost 1 million square feet of retail space.  All of these communities are supported by 25 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 5 high schools along with 26 county parks.  Then to the very east side of Sector 2 is 21 miles of the St. Johns River and 30,701 acres of wildlife preserves, making East Orange County a very diverse area.

Sector III

Captain Carlos Torres - Sector Commander

475 West Story Road

Ocoee, Florida 34761


Life is change and, for the most part, change can be a good thing. Anyone who has been here for more than a few years will fondly recall living on the county’s west side and being able to regularly catch the scent of the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air. Sector III was once home of the lion’s share of the OrangeGroves that gave this county its name and the packing and juice industries that supported them. But those days and the orange groves that once characterized the area are long gone. A huge jump in the population in the area along with the housing and retail outlets to support that population growth now sit where the groves once thrived. Like its sister sectors in the county, Sector III has redirected it’s policing of a vastly rural area to deal with the issues of a large and rapidly growing urban area.

Sector IV

Captain Bruce McMullen - Sector Commander

2400 West 33rd Street

Orlando, Florida 32839


ector IV has traditionally been one of the busiest and more challenging areas to police for the Sheriff’s Office throughout recent history. Nothing has changed. The area stretches from the city limits of Orlando south to Kissimmee. Within its boarders you will find some of the older, more established areas of the county.  But, as you head south the complexion of the sector changes to modern shopping plazas, auto dealerships, and  restaurants.  It even hosts the Florida Mall, Orange County’s largest and arguably busiest shopping mall that has become an attraction all of its own for the throngs of tourist who visit the county annually.

Sector V

Captain Sandy Carpenter - Sector Commander

6817 Westwood Boulevard

Orlando, Florida 32821


ector V is commonly known as the tourist corridor to those tasked with policing it. The sector was actually created because it is, in fact, in the home for many attractions and hotels that bring visitors to the county to include Sea World and the world renowned Orange County Convention Center and Universal Studios. Former Sheriff Walt Gallagher was quick to recognize the fact that tourism was the county’s major industry and the policing needs of the tourist community were unique. The area continues to grow to include the addition new tourist attractions and residential areas.

Sector VI
Captain Jeff Eifler - Sector Commander

1920 East Buena Vista Drive

Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830


Tourism, and its unique demands on law enforcement spawned the creation of Sector VI. Sector VI lies solely within the borders of the Walt Disney properties. Deputies assigned to the area find themselves dealing with problems specific to an area that deals with hundreds of thousands of visitors, many of them from outside the United States, weekly and the myriad of night spots and attractions that attract visitors to the area. Again, keying on the simple fact that tourism is the county’s number one revenue source, the Sheriff’s Office knew it was important to maintain the necessary manpower and resources in the area to protect the tourist industry. The area promises to become even busier in coming years as the opening of a major highway in an area that was once considered to be remote, has ushered in signs of fledgling growth and development.