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The Crime Analyst Training Program (CAMP) at a Glance

The Goal of the Crime Analyst Training Program is to provide continuous training support to agency analysis units and personnel in a “hands on – one on one” method.  The program provides the initial instruction and ensures the practical application of this knowledge through constant support, continued training opportunities, and encouragement.  Specifically, the Crime Analyst Training Program involves 4 major components:


1)       Computer Technology

2)       Analysis (Essentials of an analytical component)

3)        Instructor/Presenter Techniques

4)       Inter & Outer agency communications (ILP)

The Objectives of the Crime Analyst Training Program are to offer a comprehensive program for state of Florida law enforcement Crime, Investigative and Intelligence Analysts.  Agencies are dependent on the analysts’ ability to identify crime trends, criminal groups, and past, present, and future targets of criminals, therefore enabling the agency to prevent rather than respond to crime.


Targeted Students - State of Florida Analysts and Agencies that meets one or more, but not limited to the following needs:

  •   Introduction or Advanced computer skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  •   Analytical Techniques
  •   ARC GIS Mapping
  •   Time Management & Organizational Skills
  •   Successful Networking Tips
  •   Oral presentation Coaching (Instructor Techniques)
  •   Sworn Block Training sessions – The role of an Analyst & its success
  •   Building an Analytical Unit
  •   Building & Managing an Analytical Unit
  •   Understanding the Basics of Data
  •   Strategic Analysis Methods (COMSTAT, ILP, POPs, etc.)
  •   Manager & Senior Command Staff Mentoring

Program Personnel (Mentors) - All FDLE or State Association Certified

The Crime Analyst Training Program is a core group of ‘Team Specialists’, all of which are current certified analysts, from select agencies throughout several regions in the state of Florida.  The program will provide an initial session of instruction on several key topics that are not only relevant, but essential to an agency’s analytical component.

6 – Crime Analysts
6 – Intelligence Analysts
2 – Investigative Analysts
3 – Analytical Supervisor/Manager
3 – Sworn Personnel