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Posting Single/Sole Source Information: The following commodity or contractual service to be provided by the prospective vendor listed below is for a Single/Sole Source (only one source/vendor for which to purchase the commodity or contractual service).

If you believe you have a comparable commodity or contractual service, please contact Tammy Miller at tammy.miller2@ocfl.net.  (Comparable shall mean equal, equivalent, and/or identical).  

The commodities or contractual services listed on this posting will be paid for by Department of Homeland Security Grant Funds and must follow all applicable grant requirements.

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The description of commodities or contractual services intended for purchase from a single/sole source is posted in accordance with Section 287.057(3)(c), Florida Statutes and will remain posted for seven business days.

Region 5 Specialty Response Aviation Team~Downlink Receivers

Commodity Required:  A6 Diversity Panel Antenna System with BDC's to include lightweight antenna system with assorted hardware/software.  Diversity Multimedia Receiver and IP Decoder with B-Crypt Decryption and Echo Transport Stream with assorted hardware/software.  ROM Tower Antenna installation.  2 Portable downlink receivers with assorted hardware/software.

Posting Ends:  4/18/18