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Victim Advocates

Fairness - Dignity - Respect

The Sheriff's Office has long recognized the special needs and concerns of family members who have been victims or secondary victims of crime.

The agency has a small but dedicated cadre of Victim Advocates who stand ready to render assistance.

Victim Advocates have a responsibility to provide necessary information to all victims, next of kin and witnesses to make sure they are informed of their legal rights. Victim Advocates are tasked to provide comprehensive victim services to those who have been victims or secondary victims of crime and ensure that all are treated with fairness, compassion and dignity by all in accordance with applicable law.

Victim Advocates Working Together for Victims’ Rights

Victim Advocates are valuable assets to law enforcement agencies in Orange County. They are tasked with responding and providing services to 12 law enforcement agencies including the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Victim Advocates are trained to support families and provide them with assistance during a crisis and assist them in understanding the complexities of the investigative and judicial process.

Victim Advocates provide emotional support to victims, families and friends to help them cope with the trauma of victimization. A Victim Advocate is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to crime scenes to assist victims and/or their families. Victim Advocates provide brief crisis counseling, emotional support, referrals, and ensure that the victim or next of kin has a support system in place after the Victim Advocate leaves the crime scene. Victim Advocates also assist loved ones with contacting funeral homes, family and friends, employers, and schools.

Comfort Dogs

A welcome addition and service to the Victim Advocate Program is the use of comfort dogs. The Orange County Sheriff's Office uses comfort dogs to offer a calming presence and a welcomed distraction to those who have been impacted by trauma, victims who are being interviewed by Law Enforcement, and employees who may be experiencing stress from difficult cases.

For additional information, referrals and resources

Office number: 407-254-7248

Email: OCSOVictimAdvocate@ocfl.net