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Sector IV Command

South Orange County

Portrait of Sector Four Captain Chris Barrett

Capt. Chris Barrett - Sector Commander 
2400 West 33rd Street
Orlando, Florida 32839
(407) 836-3770


Sector IV has traditionally been one of the busiest and more challenging areas to police for the Sheriff’s Office through recent history. Nothing has changed. The area stretches from the city limits of Orlando south to Kissimmee. Within its borders, you will find some of the older, more established areas of the county. These areas are rich with cultural diversity and many have been revitalized and demonstrate community pride. But, as you travel south, the complexion of the sector changes significantly. Sprawling, resort-like residential developments, modern shopping plazas, established business and industrial zones and restaurants make for a more eclectic atmosphere for residents and visitors.  It even hosts the Florida Mall, Orange County’s largest and arguably busiest shopping mall that has become an attraction all of its own for the throngs of tourists who visit the county annually.

Crime Prevention Deputy

Portrait of Sector 4 Crime Prevention Master Deputy Sherrie Lewis

MD Sherrie Lewis
2400 West 33rd Street
Orlando, Florida 32839

[email protected]