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Operational Services

Bureau Chief Larry Zwieg

2500 West Colonial Drive

Orlando, Florida, 32804 

(407) 254-7000 


Portrait of Chief Larry Zwieg

As the name might imply, the Operational Services Bureau serves as the home of the enforcement or operational components of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The agency's Uniform Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division and Special Operations Division all serve within this bureau. These are the men and women you see every day on the streets behind the wheels of the marked patrol cars or painstakingly investigating a robbery or homicide.

They are also the men and women you don't see.

Deputies assigned to Operational Services work dangerous undercover drug operations or are assigned to the Street Enforcement Section where they work the meanest beats in the county. But while all of those are important there's more to the bureau than street cops, undercover investigators, and detectives.

You will also find the SWAT Team, Emergency Response Team, the agency's Hostage Negotiation Team and the Hazardous Device Team working under the Operational Services umbrella.

The agency's Honor Guard, Reserve Deputies, and Task Force all work within this Bureau.