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Training, patience, and time... that's what it takes to talk a barricaded suspect out of a house without harming themselves or the deputies responding to a call for help or talking a person who sees no future from jumping off a highway overpass.   The agency's team of active Hostage Negotiators respond to incidents as needed.

heir calls can range from talking a female bank robber holding 15 hostages in the bank's vault into freeing her captives and giving up, to talking a distraught man who had lost his job and was threatening to jump off a bridge into getting help.  Clearly, the team saves lives. 

In 2011, The Hostage Negotiation Team responded to 7 incidents and worked collaboratively with SWAT to deal with armed barricaded subjects who were either intent on committing suicide, were a fugitive from justice or had intent on harming others, creating dangerous environments with a propensity for physical violence. The Hostage negotiators receive monthly training, preparing themselves to difuse such incidents in their attempts to bring about a peaceful resolution. The HNT also participated in a large scale CALEA joint training exercise with the Sheriff’s Office SWAT, EOD, CIMT, UPD, Intel, and other components of the HRIC section. The training exercise consisted of a simulated terrorism event with multiple targets in an effort to plan, prepare, and train for a terrorism event against our County’s citizens, or visitors including our expansive tourist corridor.