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Criminal Investigations Division

Major Jeffery Eifler - Division Commander

2500 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32804
(407) 254-7000

Arguably one of the busiest divisions of the Sheriff's Office, the Criminal Investigations Division is unquestionably a very busy shop.  

The agency's criminal investigative functions are assigned to this division, the Major Case Section, General Assignment Section as well as the agency's Narcotics Unit.


Major Case Section

  • Evidence Unit
  • Family Services & Sex Crimes Unit
    • Digital Forensics
    • Domestic Crimes Squad
    • Persons Squad
    • Sex Crimes Squad
    • Sexual Offenders Surveillance Squad (SOSS)
  • Violent Crimes Unit
    • ESST Squad
    • Felony Squad
    • Forensics Squad
    • Homicide Squad

General Assignment Section

  • Crime Analysis Unit
  • General Investigations Unit
    • Auto Theft Squad
    • Investigative Support Squad (ISS)
    • Night Investigations Squad (NIS)
    • Robbery Squad
    • Transcriptionist
  • Property Unit
    • Economic Crimes Squad
    • Property I Squad
    • Property II Squad
    • Property III Squad
    • Property IV Squad

Narcotics Section

  • Narcotics Investigations Unit
    • DEA Task Force
    • ICS Task Force
    • Narcotics Analysts
    • Nuisance Abatement
    • TIPS Squad
  • Street Drug Unit
    • Parcel Squad
    • Undercover Squad I
    • Undercover Squad II
    • Undercover Squad III
    • West Orange Task Force
Detectives investigating a Homicide