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Senior Programs

Senior Advocate, Florida Elder Crime Prevention Practitioner


The Senior Programs objectives are to reduce senior victimization, enhance a sense of security and improve seniors overall quality of life.  The senior program goals are to identify senior issues, investigate those issues thoroughly and sensitively, select a course of action, and create a network with social services.  In order to accomplish these goals and objectives the Orange County Sheriff's Office must educate, train and involve senior citizens, law enforcement and the community.



Orange County Sheriff's Office offers presentations on senior abuse. These presentations include what to report and how to report senior abuse. Education is essential when 80% of senior abuse is from a family member.  Senior abuse can take several different forms; physical, sexual, psychological, exploitation (material or financial), neglect or self-neglect.  Only 1 in 5 senior abuses are reported.  Under Florida Statute 415, everyone is a mandatory reporter if they see or assume abuse.  To report senior abuse, call 1 (800) 96-ABUSE(22873). 



The Orange County Sheriff's Office has recognized that the best defense to prevent crime is through education.  Senior Crime Prevention offers the following classes; senior safety, senior frauds and scams, senior identity theft, senior overview, and senior medical identity theft.  To make this easy for the senior community the Senior Crime Prevention advocate comes to your location to present these valuable free classes around your schedule.



This six week academy is available to all who live in Orange County.  The  objectives for the senior academy are; reducing the prospect of seniors becoming victimized through educational awareness programs and reducing seniors’ fears of criminal victimization.  This academy is strictly for personal enrichment and doesn’t qualify for any type of position within the Orange County Sheriff's Office.  The Senior Academy is free to the community.



When a Combat Auto Theft application has been completed, a sticker is issued and placed in the rear window of your vehicle.  If the vehicle is spotted out in the community between 1AM and 5AM, that sticker gives law enforcement the authority to stop and search the vehicle to see if it is stolen.  Combat Auto Theft is free to the community and many stolen vehicles have been recovered thru this program.


The Senior Crime Prevention Unit is available for any type of senior concerns and senior general assistance.

For more information on Senior Programs please contact Coordinator at [email protected]

Alzheimer, Wandering and Scent Kits

For people diagnosed with a memory disorder or family members caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease, the dangers of wandering and getting lost are a major concern. The Alzheimer’s Association states that 60% or 3 out of 5 people with Dementia will wander and go missing.

The Scent Preservation Kit® is used to pre-collect and preserve a person’s unique scent ahead of time and gives responding K-9 Units a head start during the search by providing the trailing dogs with an uncontaminated scent article. Your scent is as identifiable as your fingerprint to a trained K-9 and can last up to 10 years in our kit.


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