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Administrative Services

Bureau Chief Denise Demps

2500 West Colonial Drive

Orlando, Florida, 32804

(407) 254-7000

Bureau Chief Denise Demps

A law enforcement agency the size and complexity of the Orange County Sheriff's Office requires an elaborate support system to keep its law enforcement operations up and running. This enormous task is the responsibility of the Administrative Services Bureau.  

All of the agencies' key support functions fall under this command, the Human Resources Division is responsible for everything from recruiting, hiring and training of qualified personnel to retirement, as well as Risk Management and Labor Relations. The Court Services and Communications Division which oversees the safety of the Orange County Court system for both adult and juvenile branches and also the operationally critical Communications Center Division. Technical Projects is a vital behind the scenes operation providing data and analysis.

The Support Services Division commands many of the sections and units, such as Community Relations and Youth Services-SRO's which can provide the logistics support vital for agency and community interaction that is so important to a community oriented philosophy.