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Employee and Labor Relations


The Employee and Labor Relations Section is led by Captain Reginald O. Hosey and Lieutenant Edward "Clay" McCullough. The section is comprised of three units, Human Resources Information System Unit (HRIS), Career Development Unit, and Personnel Services Unit including Off- Duty Services. Employee and Labor Relations is an important part of the Human Resources Division.  Personnel assigned to this section are tasked with the overall responsibility for all promotional processes, Transfer Review Boards and the Master Deputy program. They also oversee the daily operation of all off-duty related employment. In addition, they are responsible for the proper handling and storage of information on paid and non-paid agency employees.  Another integral responsibility for this section is organizing and facilitating bargaining sessions between the Sheriff’s Labor Management Team and the FOP Lodge #93.

Career Development Unit



The Career Development Unit promotes and encourages growth, development, and professionalism to increase an employee’s potential for individual success within the agency. This unit facilitates the promotional process for Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals, Communications and career pathing candidates. The Career Development Unit creates and modifies all agency job descriptions and makes sure they are reviewed and up to date. Career Development also post all job vacancies internally and to the public. This unit also facilitates all agency structural interviews and the Transfer Review Board (TRB). This unit provides career  counseling and assists all agency employees with resume building, interview techniques and employee exit interviews.    



Personnel Services Unit


The Personnel Services handles every aspect of an employee’s personnel file, including personal information, work assignment and matters related to pay.  In addition, they are responsible for maintaining and tracking all employee transfers, pay increases, file maintenance, position and keeping the employee informed of all personnel issues. Personnel Services is responsible for all identifications cards for all agency employees and volunteers. This unit is responsible of taking all photos for all employees even including our K9 deputies. The Personnel Services Unit oversees the daily operations of Off-Duty Services, which liaisons with off-duty employers and agency employees.  Off-Duty Services reconciles the equipment usage reimbursement accounts and reviews data reports to confirm compliance with agency policy.




Human Resources Information System Unit (HRIS)


In 2016 the Human Resources Information System Unit (HRIS) was added to the Human Resources Division. This unit’s main focus is to classify the sworn and civilian pay grades.  HRIS conducts extensive internal and external pay studies to ensure the agency employees are receiving competitive pay. The HRIS Unit also assists our Career Development Unit in writing agency job descriptions to determine the appropriate pay for each job description. The unit is responsible to have an up to date record of all agency employees sworn, civilian, volunteers and retired deputies. This unit also needs to know where all positions are located and who currently resides at those positions.