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Training with OCSO

Training With OCSO

The Orange County Sheriff's Office Training Section has earned the reputation for providing its sworn and civilian employees with the best possible training available. Quite simply, it’s an investment based on the premise that the way one trains is the way they will perform.  The agency provides all of the training mandated by the State of Florida, as well as a myriad of career enhancing elective courses to all of its employees.  We pride ourselves in providing the latest and most relevant training to all students, so they can handle any situation they encounter in today’s law enforcement.

Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP)

Our Field Training and Evaluation Program gives new deputies the foundation and basic skills they need in high liability areas in order to succeed on the road. They will total another 22 weeks of training to be able to be a well-rounded Deputy Sheriff with our agency. The Field Training Evaluation Program provides training to approximately 120 newly hired deputies each year.

Academy Recruits

The Training Section is responsible for providing training to all academy recruits of the agency. Our new hires complete their training as deputy sheriff's at our local Criminal Justice Academy, under the watchful eye of an Orange County Sheriff's Office sergeant who monitors their progress and training. That direct connection helps with the transition to their new and permanent position. We select the best candidates for the job.