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False Alarm Reduction Unit

Orange County Code, False Security Alarm Ordinance, Chapter 28 Article 5

The goal of a successful False Security Alarm Ordinance and False Alarm Reduction Program is to allow existing Sheriff’s Office resources to be allocated in a more efficient manner, thereby enhancing service to the community without any additional financial impact to the taxpayers.
The most important part of any False Alarm Reduction Program is public education on the causes of, and the problems associated with, false alarms. Alarm companies and alarm system users must take responsibility for the proper installation and operation of alarm systems in order to eliminate the burden of false alarms in our community. 
Alarm users should always take the proper steps to be sure they are getting a quality system that fits their needs.  It is important to find and use a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor.  Learning as much as possible about how systems work, what is required of alarm companies that sell systems in Florida, and how to protect themselves from unscrupulous alarm sellers goes a long way towards reducing false alarms and enhancing the safety of the alarm user.  
The False Alarm Reduction Unit of the Orange County Sheriff's Office works proactively with alarm companies and alarm users by offering any appropriate assistance and educational tools, which helps everyone to become part of the solution to the false alarm problem. The reduction in false alarms will provide quicker deputy response to real emergencies, allowing more time for deputies to engage in proactive policing, enhancing safety in the entire community.  
Citizens, alarm users, and potential alarm purchasers are urged to look through the information provided on this site, and are free to download any of the information they may find helpful.  For questions or clarification on any of the materials and alarm recommendations, contact the False Alarm Reduction Unit at 407-836-3969, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.