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Dear Business Owner:
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Unit and The Regional Domestic Security Task Force are reaching out to a wide gamut of businesses and industries in order to establish a ready contact that will assist you in reporting information or circumstances that appear unusual or suspicious to you, your employees, or members of your profession. A new program, Business Owners Against Terrorism, has been established by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Unit. Your participation in this project could be of vital importance to the law enforcement community and the citizens of Orange County.
There is an ongoing concern that some individuals who are portraying themselves as legitimate customers may actually be seeking to commit acts of terror. These individuals may look to purchase or lease certain materials or equipment or participate in formalized training to acquire certain skills or licenses. There is also a concern that such individuals may simply steal certain types of vehicles, equipment or materials in the inventory of legitimate businesses. Whatever the method, once appropriated, these items would then be used to facilitate a terrorist plot.
In the course of doing business, you or your employees may observe suspicious behavior or unusual requests or questions from a customer. We encourage you to report peculiar requests, ones that do not match your business or industry experience, to us immediately. Tips of any suspicious activity should be reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Intelligence Unit at 407-521-2400 or email Intel@ocfl.net and an agent will be notified for a follow up.
Any criminal acts should be reported to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The emergency number is 911; if a criminal act has occurred but it is not an emergency, please use the non-emergency number, 407-836-4357, to report the incident.
Thank you for your participation and assistance in this endeavor.
                                                                                JERRY L. DEMINGS
                                                                                Sheriff of OrangeCounty


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