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Field Recruiter Master Deputy Curtis Barnes (phone 321-689-1637) and Military Field Recruiter Richard DeMarco (phone 407-448-6804) are in Georgia, Parris Island on Thursday, July 28, 2016.  If you are in the area, please feel free to reach out to the Orange County Sheriff Office recruiters.

King's Bay Submarine Base, Family Readiness Center            

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

920 James Madison Road, Bldg. # 1052

Kings Bay Georgia, 31547

Come meet our sworn and veteran's advocate recruiter

 Making a difference! 

Signing Bonus:  $2,500 signing bonus for Patrol Deputy candidates

2 years full-time law enforcement experience

The Orange County Sheriff's Office prides itself with hiring highly qualified candidates of the highest integrity for all positions. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer who strives to reflect the diversity found in our community. We incorporate cutting edge technology with state of the art training to ensure our deputies make a difference every day. We are now hiring for the following career opportunities:

  • Deputy Requires Sponsorship to Law Enforcement Academy
  • Deputy – Currently Enrolled in a Law Enforcement Academy
  • Deputy – Already Florida Certified, Patrol
  • Court Security Deputy – Full-time; Already Florida Certified
  • Court Security Deputy – Part-time; Already Florida Certified
  • Deputy – Reserve Volunteer, Florida Certified

NEED SOME ADVICE? Talk to a Recruiter

Rick DeMarco


Recruiter DeMarco specializes in questions from our candidates with military experience.
Curtis Barnes


Master Deputy Barnes specializes in questions about attending a law enforcement academy.
Norberto Gonzalez


Deputy First Class Gonzalez specializes in questions from candidates who already have a Florida law enforcement certificate.
JC Rodriguez


Sergeant JC Rodriguez oversees the Field Recruiting Section and is available to assist with a variety of topics related to working as a deputy sheriff.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is a highly respected professional law enforcement agency. We hire only the best and most qualified candidates available and look for people who have prepared themselves for every aspect of being a deputy sheriff. We process thousands of candidates throughout the year and only a small percentage are offered a job.

Deputy Sheriff--Patrol

The ideal candidate possesses related work experience, college, and/or military experience. A strong candidate has favorable work history, driving history, credit ratings, and a low incident rate of substance abuse. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Two years of accredited college (60 credit hours); OR
  • Two years of active military duty or four continuous years of reserve/guard duty; OR
  • Two years of full-time law enforcement or related experience (e.g., corrections, emergency communications, fire/rescue, security); OR
  • A combination of the above
  • High school or GED diploma
  • At least 20 years of age
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Valid drivers license for the last year and have no more than two moving violations over the past three years. Other driving history will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • No DUI convictions for the past 5 years. Other driving history will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony.
  • Must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral character, false statements, perjury or domestic violence.
  • Must not have received a dishonorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces
  • No illegal drug usage over the past three years. Other drug usage will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Good physical condition
  • Vision of 20/40 corrected or better

Processing - All candidates participate in a thorough hiring process, to ensure everyone hired meets our strict standards. For civilian opportunities, please click on the Employment Info banner on the left and then click on the "Civilian Positions" link. For information on sworn positions, please see below.

All candidates for deputy positions will participate in the following steps:

  • Online application
  • Physical Abilities Test (for academy sponsorship candidates)
  • Written Skills Test
  • Voice Stress Analysis (truth verification)
  • Panel Interview
  • Ride-along with a deputy may be required
  • Swim Test
  • Complete Background Check  
  • Medical exam & drug screen (after conditional job offer)
  • Psychological Evaluation (after conditional job offer)

Once selected for processing, candidates for academy sponsorship must take the Basic Abilities Test (BAT) available at any law enforcement academy in the State of Florida.

Candidates can expect to hear from us by email or phone in approximately 2-4 weeks. Processing time on average is 4-6 months.

Sworn Positions/Deputy Sheriff Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for the protection of life and property and the enforcement of laws and regulations. This work involves an element of personal danger and frequent contact with the public during routine and emergency situations.

Candidates who have already attended or are currently attending a Florida law enforcement academy may apply.

Reserve: Candidates who have already attended or are currently attending a Florida law enforcement academy may apply. Reserve Deputies volunteer at least 20 hours each month, including a reserve meeting.

Sponsorships: Candidates with high qualifications may apply to a limited number of paid sponsorships to a law enforcement academy. Academy recruits are paid $15.71/hour during the academy. 


  • $40,726 per year or $41,974 with 3+ years experience
  • Eligible for shift differential pay for evenings and midnights after completing probation
  • Eligible for sworn incentive monies for education and training

Detailed Salary Information:  Deputy Sheriff Patrol


Starting Pay

Candidates with less than 3 years law enforcement experience


Candidates with 3 years of full-time law enforcement experience


Candidates with 10 years of full-time law enforcement experience



·         Patrol Deputy candidates with 2 years full-time law enforcement experience will receive a $2,500 Signing Bonus

·         Candidates with a 2 year degree from an accredited school will receive $13.85 bi-weekly

·         Candidates with a 4 year degree or higher from an accredited school will receive 36.92 bi-weekly

·         New employees working a midnight shift will receive $50.00 bi-weekly; evening shift $38.47 bi-weekly

All full-time employees of the Orange County Sheriff's Office receive an excellent benefits and compensation package.

  • Sheriff contributes majority of cost for medical coverage
  • Life insurance and long term disability insurance is provided by Sheriff; employees may elect to purchase additional coverage
  • Retirement benefits are provided by the Florida Retirement System
  • Uniforms, weapons, and other equipment furnished
  • Take home car issued after field training completed
  • Education incentive and reimbursement programs
  • 12 vacation days per year/accrues at 3.69 hours bi-weekly
  • Sick time accrues at 3.69 hours bi-weekly
  • 12 paid holidays per year
  • Gym facilities in many agency buildings

Auxiliary Academy -- OPEN

Interested in serving your community?

The Orange County Sheriff's Office may be sponsoring candidates to an Auxiliary Law Enforcement Academy in the spring of 2016.  Candidates successfully passing the academy and processing may become Reserve I Deputy Sheriffs, who are supervised by a fully certified Orange County Deputy Sheriff.  They donate at least 20 hours of service per month and attend monthly meetings. 

If you are interested, click on the link below to begin the application process.

Career OpportunitiesMany who start their law enforcement careers at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stay with our agency all the way to retirement because the opportunities are endless. There are a variety of experiences to choose from, whether it be a specialty unit or a supervisory track, and our Career Development team is always available to guide you in the right direction as you move toward your career goals. We offer resume reviews, interview feedback, and information about college degrees as just a few resources to help maximize your potential. Listed below are some areas and positions that you may be eligible for in just a few years:

Specialty Units and number of positions:

Agricultural Crimes Unit (26)

Aviation Unit (22)

Community Policing (20)

Criminal Investigations (298)

Homeland Security (6)

Intelligence Section (14) 

K-9 Unit (20)

Marine Unit / Mounted Patrol (20) 

Motorcycle Unit (51)

Youth Services (84)

Part-Time Specialty Units:

SWAT Team (46)

Hostage Negotiations Team (68)

Hazardous Device Team (15)

Emergency Response Team  (31)

Dive Team (21)

Crisis Intervention Team (16)

Promotions - Some deputies pursue the supervisory and management track through competitive testing. Once eligible, promotions to the following ranks involve a specific testing process:

Deputy First Class (eligible after 2-3 years of service)

Corporal (eligible after 4-5 years of service, and currently a Deputy First Class)

Sergeant (eligible after 5-6 years of service, with 1 year as a Corporal)

Lieutenant (eligible after 8 years of service, with 2 years as a Sergeant)

Fitness Standards for
Law Enforcement Academy
- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission approved a new 60-hour physical training course for the Law Enforcement Academy and a 40-hour physical training course for the Corrections Academy. These new courses are in addition to the current 80-hours Defensive Tactics course.


Valencia Criminal Justice Institute has the following basic requirements for entry to their academy:

  • 1.5 Mile Run: Complete a 1.5 mile run in 18 minutes or less
  • Push-ups: Complete at least 15 push-ups in one minute
  • Sit-ups: Complete at least 25 sit-ups in one minute

In order for a student to be highly competitive as a candidate for Sponsorship and successful in the academy and to prevent injuries during physical fitness and defensive tactics training, there is a recommended minimum level of fitness prior to entering the academy. Each student will be tested during the first week of the academy and again at the end of the academy to measure improvement in overall physical fitness. Listed are the recommended entry-level fitness standards for all recruits:

  • Complete a 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes or less
  • Complete at least 40 push-ups in one minute
  • Complete at least 30 sit-ups in one minute
  • Physical fitness at the academy is intense; you must be physically fit on the first day. Our instructors and your classmates need you to be in great shape on the day you start. The instructions below will prepare you for the physical training at our institute. Start today!!! Fitness evolves over an extended period of time--weeks and months--not in one weekend.

Preparation Instructions

  • Build up to running 3 miles a day, 4 times a week
  • One method to achieve this goal is to jog for 2 minutes then brisk walk for 1 minute and repeat for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Work your way down to jogging for 3-5 minutes and walking for 45 seconds
  • Keep reducing the walk time until you aren't walking anymore.
  • When the run is over, immediately drop down and do as many sit-ups as you can, until it is impossible to complete another repetition.
  • Take a 10 second break and then repeat twice more.
  • When you are finished with the sit-ups, immediately drop down and do as many push-ups as you can, until it is impossible to complete another repetition.
  • Take a 10 second break and then repeat twice more.
  • When you are finished with the push-ups, complete 5 squat jumps, jumping as high as you can every time.
  • Take a 10 second break and then repeat twice more.

Court Security Deputy (CSD)

The incumbent in this position is responsible for maintaining law and order in and around the courtroom, ensuring the protection and safety of persons in and around the courtroom, and expediting courtroom proceedings by preparing the courtroom, ensuring the prisoner's prompt appearance in court, and following directives from the judge. The duties and tasks listed above are not intended to be all-inclusive. Those assigned to specialized units may have additional responsibilities and/or qualifications; refer to written directives for details. The employer reserves the right to assign additional duties and responsibilities for this position as necessary.

Additional Information for Court Security Deputies:

Will participate in a specialized Field Training Program to include: Intense physical training, including running, fighting, and pepper spray

High liability areas (firearms, defensive tactics, driving, first responder)

Agency policies and procedures

Agency computer training

Court on-the-job training

A two year commitment After completing two years of service as a CSD, if the employee decides to pursue a position as a Deputy Sheriff, he/she will be required to apply as a new hire and go through the entire hiring process. The position as a CSD does not guarantee that the request for a career change will be approved.

CSD’s shall not be authorized to work off-duty in a sworn capacity

CSD positions do not offer any promotional opportunities

CSD’s shall not be provided an agency vehicle but will still be required to successfully complete the OCSO’s LEVO program

Education and Training:

Must have a certificate of completion or compliance in basic law enforcement training with the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.


$37,564.80/year or $38,708.80 with 3 or more years experience

To Apply:



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