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Watch Out, Slow Down!
Schools back in session on Monday for Orange County
 Stay Alert!

Schools are back in session on Monday, all across Orange County. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting high visibility patrols in the school zones and there will be “Zero Tolerance” for any violators, leave early, pay attention and at best avoid a citation and at worst, what no one wants… the injury of a child!

Additional information is available on the
American Academy of Pediatrics site.


Driving or Boating Under the Influnce...

Don't do it!

Heed the Warnings and Do it Sober!

DUI PSA from OCSO Media Relations on Vimeo.


Hyperthermia Awareness
Look Before You Lock

"Where's Baby? Look Before you lock"
The tragic fact is that each year children are left unattended in locked vehicles, with no parent or caregiver to watch them, succumb to the deadly heat that builds up in those vehicles. 

This is the typical temperature in a locked vehicle!

What is the Impact in Florida? Since 1998, over 60 children in Florida have died from hyperthermia or heatstroke when unattended in a vehicle, l
ast year we had 5 related deaths due to hyperthermia in Florida, that is 5 deaths too many.
Tragically, this year we have had 2 incidents already.

We want to bring that number down to zero-this is preventable, but you must be part of that solution and assist us in getting the word out.

Here at the Orange County Sheriff's Office we have teamed up with the NHTSASafeKids.Org and the Children's Safety Village to encourage awareness and education on these dangers.
What we are doing to “Make a Difference”
We’re moving in the right direction but it’s no time to slow down, one death is one to many.

Recently, the Chidren's Saftey Village and Sheriff Jerry L. Demings hosted NHTSA Director David Strickland, SafeKids Director Kate Carr and Reginals McKinnon (who tragically lost his daughter) as they led a national campaign of awareness. Take a look at this news coverage by the WESH-Ch. 2 News team regarding these dangers,

Law enforcement and emergency response is committed to making a difference to ensure that the safety of our children is a top priority.

Join us by proactively providing this information of awareness to your family members and use this additional information at the following link
DOT Fastlane Blog

       Be a lifesaver "Look before you lock! 



Water Safety-Catch the Fun and Stay Alert !

Is everyones reponsibility; chidren, teens and adults will be using pools, waterways and participating in boating activites with increasing frequency.

Sheriff Demings is proud to recognize the efforts of the YMCA in promoting   awareness and providing life saving skills to our children and families. Follow the this YMCA link to get further information.

We must remain alert and create layers of safety to avoid injuries. Preventive measures to undertake include pool alarms, swimming lessons, safety vests and alert boating habits. making these preparations early will make for a cooler and safer outing!

Recently the Chidren's Safety Village, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Orange County Health Department and the Pool Safety Resource came together to address this ever present concern at a media conference on Drowning Prevention and to re-enforce the water safety responsibilities we all have, but fail to recognize or implement.
Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 14 and is a significance public and health safety problem in Florida and in Orange County. Florida has the highest rate of children under the age of 5 who drown and last year in Orange County there were 12 deaths related to drowning.  Statistic show that 58% of these unintentional drowning deaths of our young children happened in a single-family residential swimming pool.   

In order to help our families, residents and businesses of  Orange County with Water Safety, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has produced a Pool Safety Brochure that  focuses on “ LAYERS of  POOL PROTECTION” to help families avoid water injuries and potential drowning accidents – particularly to young children.

The Children’s Safety Village in partnership with the Orange County Safe Kids Coalition received a grant to conduct FREE Residential Pool and Spa Safety. 
  • These inspections will help families identify risk areas and determine various methods for strengthening their protection. 
  • Learn about the best possible resources and safety devices available to use in your homes for pool safety and drowning prevention.

To request a POOL SAFETY BROCHURE or to learn more about any of these life saving services call the Children’s Safety Village 407-521-4673.


This message was paid for by a grant from Office of National Drug Control Policy.
For additional Preventive Information visit:



Preparing for an Emergency starts before it strikes review our informational link Disaster Preparedness which is loaded with useful tips and steps to take and get yourself and your family preapared.



Child Abuse must be stamped out and fought at every turn, do your
 part every day to safeguard those who are the most vulnerable.
Join the OCSO and be part of the solution.


Sheriff Jerry L. Demings reassures Orange County Residents
on the intended use of the Unmanned Aerial Surveillance
program. This device will be used lawfully, watch the video...

We are currently in a test phase of this Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) platform and will not be using this UAS until we have appropriate permissions and have implemented training and guidelines.

he OCSO has no intention of using this technology to spy on the citizens of Orange County, but to have it as a tool, like many others to bring a dangerous and potentially deadly situation to a safe conclusion, such as for a barricaded suspect(s), chemical spill, bomb threat, a missing person or child.

We will continue to be responsive and maintain our community informed, there is no effort underway to spy or hide anything from our residents, but to use technology to quickly resolve an emergency response with no injury to our first responders, save lives, apprehend criminal suspect(s) and to return a neighborhood back to normalcy.

This short video has provided some insight into our intended use.



On Veterans Day, we honor the military service of the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States of America.

We at the Orange County Sheriff's Office deeply appreciate the sacrifices of veterans and salute the fallen heroes who have given their lives to keep our country free. We also keep in our prayers those who are serving around the globe and especially those in harms way in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many of the OCSO men and women serving our community
as sworn deputies and civilian employees are also military veterans. A total of 419 have prior service in all five branches of the military and approximately 63 agency members are currently on active duty.  They carry on their legacy of service and sacrifice to our country by working on behalf of the citizens of Orange County.


We thank and salute them for their service.  A new Veteran’s Wall, honoring active duty employees was unveiled on the ground floor of the Central Operations Building. Stop by and take a look at it for yourself.   


God bless you and your families.


                                      Orange County Sheriff Jerry L. Demings




                        "Behind the Badge"
                                            Spring Issue 2012

 OCSO Mounted Unit "Proud to Serve"

In This Issue (click on magazine)

    -Nickie Sarner
    -Ed Royal
    -Rae Ward
    -John Daddysman

-New Playground at the Children's Safety Village

-Birth of OCSO Firearms Training

-OCSO Senior Crime Prevention programs

-Master Deputy Program

As well as retirements and much more!!!

Also stop by our Central Headquarters for the OCSO Safety Expo Saturday, April 14th. Our community is invited to check out some great displays and equipment or sit in on a safety class, also meet the men and women of the Orange County Sheriff's Office (info on page 3 or the adjacent link to the right). 

 "Working together we can continue to make a difference."


Daylight Saving Time and
School Zone Dangers
 Stay Alert!
during the early mor ning hours of darkness


School Zone Safety is paramount and one of the concerns on a recurring basis when the subject of daylight saving time occurs and children are walking to school.Drivers will also be adjusting to the change in the lighting/daylight they are accustomed to and find themselves driving in darkness. Teens and children aren't as adept regarding the change and the lack of visibility, and will go about their morning walk listening to music, texting while walking to school assuming they can be seen as if in the daylight. We know thru previous incidents of tragedy that this is not the case.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting high visibility patrols in the school zones and there will be “Zero Tolerance” for any violators, leave early, pay attention and at best avoid a citation and at worst, what no one wants… the injury of a child!
Additional information is available on the American Academy of Pediatrics website in both English and Spanish. 

Please join us as we participate with the OCPS and other law enforcenment agencies to ensure a safe trip to school for our children and youngsters.



On January 5, 2012, NBA Cares, nonprofit organization KaBoom! and the Children’s Safety Village of Central Florida hosted “Design Day” for local boys and girls.  Orange County Sheriff Jerry L. Demings participated with NBA Ambassador Bo Outlaw as he interacted with the youngsters as they put crayons to paper and drew their dream playgrounds.
Elements from the children’s drawings were incorporated into the design for the new activity area built by hundreds of volunteers from the NBA family at the Children’s Safety Village of Central Florida, during the 2012 NBA Cares All-Star Day of Service on February 24, 2012.

The 3,500 square foot playground is designed for ages 3 thru 12 and has three sides, a rope crossing challenge, 2 rock climbing walls, a zip line, two decks, tire swing, and Freddie the Fire truck.  The CSV is planning to develop a Playground Safety program that will promote and foster safe play. 

Director Juanita Black is very proud of her staff and of all the help that was provided by all to make this such a success and a wonderful place for children! 

Southwest Orange County Sector 5 Ribbon Cutting


6817 Westwood Blvd.
Orlando, Fl. 32821



The Orange County Sheriff's Office is extremely proud of the partnership that has been forged over 19 years with SeaWorld Orlando. Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs joined Sheriff Jerry L. Demings on Tuesday, October 11, 2011, to dedicate the new facility, which will be the permanent home of the deputies and staff serving the area, as well as the Tourist Oriented Policing Squad






Sheriff Jerry L. Demings is very proud of the community participation and the outstanding presentations that were submitted by the panelists in this years fall summit. The topics of discussion ranged from Crime Reduction, Pill Mill Legislation and Task Force Activity, Internet Cyber Crimes Investigations, Juvenile Crimes and Human Trafficking.

These presentations were made possible by the extraordinary partnership that are maintained on a daily basis with our local, state and federal partners in law enforcement, Clergy, Orange County Government, State Attorney, Educators and Private Security.

The Summit presentations were carried live by Orange TV from the Orange County Convention Center, the opportunity to view the summit will be posted here once the link is available.

 Quick thinking tourist saves toddler following four story fall


On the evening of April 20 just after 9:00 Helen Beard and her two traveling companions were enjoying a stroll by the swimming pool of the Econolodge on International Drive when they heard commotion that caught their attention.  The trio looked up at the building to see a baby hanging from the fourth floor balcony of the hotel.  Ms. Beard ran towards the building just as the child, reported to be just over one year old, lost her grip and plummeted towards the ground but not before striking her head on a railing of the third floor balcony.  Ms. Beard rushed towards the falling child, reached out, and broke her fall.  Despite the fact that the toddler slipped out of her arms Ms. Beard’s efforts, described as nothing short of heroic, saved the child’s life.  Even more amazing, the child was examined at a local hospital and found to be uninjured.  On April 22 Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings presented Ms. Beard with the Medal of Merit for her valiant, life-saving effort.  In addition to the Medal of Merit, an honor usually only given to law enforcement officers, Ms. Beard was recognized by the Florida Department of Children and Families and the International Drive Chamber of Commerce.  Follow the LINK for more images and information regarding this story.



Sheriff Demings' State of the Agency Address presented to Orange County Board of Commissioners on April 26

On Tuesday, April 26 Sheriff Demings delivered his annual “State of the Agency” address to the Board of County Commissioners.  Shortly after the address Sheriff Demings received the news from FDLE that Orange County is currently enjoying a 9.5 percent decline in its overall crime rate and that other law enforcement agencies in our region are seeing similar declines.



Sheriff Demings attributes Orange County’s declining rate to a redeployment of his agency’s resources that put more uniformed deputies in the community to include two Problem Oriented Policing Units on the county’s east and west sides.  In addition, the Sheriff’s Office now relies on Intelligence Led Policing when addressing crime trends and issues that impact the county.  The fact that other agencies in Central Florida are experiencing similar successes demonstrates that law enforcement appears to be impacting crime as opposed to simply displacing it.


We invite you to review Sheriff Demings’  “State of the Agency’ address by following this LINK.

Thinking about drinking and driving?
Think again!

The Orange County Sheriff's Office, like law enforcement agencies nationwide, takes a proactive and agressive role in detecting and removing intoxicated drivers from Central Florida's roadways.  We invite you to view our DUI public service announcement.

County's "Red Light Runner" cameras went operational on February 28
Red Means Stop traffic safety program aims to reduce crashes caused by drivers who run red lights

Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. During 2007, 153,000 injuries and nearly 900 fatalities in the United States were attributed to red-light running. There were more than 1.8 million accidents at intersections. 

On February 28 red light cameras stationed at ten of the county's busiest intersections became operational.  The registered owner of a vehicle detected running a red light by a camera will be issued a Notice of Violation by mail and required to pay a fine of $158.

For additional information on the Red Means Stop program please visit Orange County's informative web pages where the program is explained in great detail.  LINK


MAGIC Program teaches county kids life-saving lessons

The Sheriff’s Office unveiled its new and cost effective alternative to the D.A.R.E. program that had been taught in OrangeCounty’s elementary schools since 1986.  On November 9 Sheriff Demings formally announced the implementation of the agency’s Mentoring, Advising, Guiding, Instructing, and Children/Coaching (MAGIC) program.  The new curriculum was designed and developed entirely in-house by a committee of agency personnel assigned to the School Resource Officers Section who have significant experience working with youngsters and class room instruction.

 Sheriff Demings cites a number of benefits to students and the taxpayers that the MAGIC program offers when compared with DARE.  It is, first and foremost, more cost effective.  The agency will be able to produce the student workbooks it designed at a cost savings of just over $5,500 a year.  Additional cost savings will be realized in the training and recertification of the MAGIC instructors.  Prior to MAGIC the agency was required to send its DARE instructors out of the area for training and recertification at a cost of about $1,000 per deputy and the training opportunities were limited to specific dates and sometimes conducted outside the state.  The “in-house” program allows the Sheriff’s Office to set its own training schedules and provide all of the necessary training in its own facilities.

But it is the students of OrangeCounty who will be the biggest beneficiaries of MAGIC.  The 10 week curriculum was developed to meet the specific needs and address issues specific to children in OrangeCounty.  The Sheriff’s Office worked closely with the Orange County School System and the University of Central Florida to create a curriculum relevant to OrangeCounty school children.  Among the life saving, life skill lessons included in the program are drug abuse education, bullying and cyber bullying, and prescription drug abuse.  While the DARE program’s curriculum was rigid and did not allow for deviation from the lesson plan, MAGIC can be constantly tweaked and altered to address new issues and concerns when the need arises.

During 2009 the agency’s Elementary School Resource Officers taught 50,583 students within the county’s 78 elementary schools.  The DARE curriculum was taught to 7,980 county 5th graders.  In addition the SRO’s provided classroom instruction to kindergarten through 4th graders on gun safety, gang education, and other violence prevention and safety issues.

 2010 crime numbers show continue to show positive trend

With the exception of homicides all crime catagories show a decline

Our 2010 crime numbers continue to show a decline in violent and property crimes in Orange County.  The unpredictable number of homicides was the only catagory showing an increase during what appears to be a good year for the Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Orange County.  Overall, violent crime was down 18 percent while property crimes dropped 17 percent during the past year.

2009/2010 Crime Statistics 

Offense 2010 2009 Percentage
HOMICIDE 52 44 +18%
ROBBERY 1446 1649 -12%
PERSONS 1417 1913 -26%
SEX CRIMES 650 735


AUTO THEFT 2109 2633 -20%
BURGLARY-Residential 6841 7292 -6%
BURGLARY - Commercial 1833 2072 -12%
AUTO BURGLARY 5777 7917 -27%
TOTALS 20126 24255 -17%

*Current Crime Numbers - a quick look at crime in Orange County


Publications and Downloads

2009 Annual Report 

We invite you to download and reveiw the agency's 2009 Annual Report.  This file is approximately 4 mg.  We hope you enjoy reviewing the year 2009 "snapshot" of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. DOWNLOAD



Behind the Badge - Winter/2010

This installment of the agency's quarterly newsletter offers a most fitting tribute to the women and men who serve or have served in the armed forces.  They serve, protect, and put themselves in harm's way on a daily basis protecting the community and step up to the plate to answer the call of duty when our nation calls.  DOWNLOAD newsletter (approximately 3 mg file). 


2008 Annual Report

Download our paperless 2008 Annual Report for a quick 2008 overview of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. DOWNLOAD








The Orange County Sheriff's Office proudly supports the United Way 



This year's event was extremely
successful with the 4 sites
collecting 240 firearms,
including a potato launcher
 and two WWII German guns.

The final for all agencies was 
802 firearms taken off the
 streets and our homes.

We thank our partners and 
residents for making our
 communities safer.


 The Orange County Sheriff's Office wants you to "Make a Difference"

Continue to Remain Vigilant

"If You See Something,
Say Something"
"Across the Country we remembered and paid our respects to those who responded and to those who lost their lives on 9-11.

 I encourage all of our residents and community partners to remain attentive, in order to maintain the safety and quality of life for those who choose Orange County as their home and as the number one tourist destination in the world."

Sheriff Jerry L. Demings

School Crossing Guards for the 2014-2015 School Year
Now Hiring!
The Orange County Sheriff's Office is actively recruiting part time School Crossing Guards for the 2013-2014 school year.  To learn more about these positions or to begin the application process follow this LINK.

School Crossing Guards-Making a Difference!


The OCSO is proud to be working with our community partners in the fight to reduce crime and educate our residents and businesses.
The symposium centered on Synthetic Drugs, Domestic Violence and a special presentation on the thwarted University of Central Florida shooting.

"...providing professional policing services and educating the community on our mutual successes, needs and goals, have been a cornerstone of my administration since day one."

Sheriff Jerry L. Demings





Deputies Make an Impact and Orange County sees a Reduction in Crime, check out the Uniform Crime Report above or FDLE


kick for guns1 Kicks For Guns 
13th Annual Kicks for Guns
Is a Great Success!
Sheriff Demings
thanks all the community who participated to make our streets safer!




Members of Orange County's Hispanic community are cautioned to be wary of extortion calls that appear to be coming from Puerto Rico.  Suspects are calling area residents and demanding money after stating that a family member has been involved in a traffic accident.  For additional information please read our media advisory by following this LINK




2011 Orange County
Law Enforcement Memorial

On May 5 the Central Florida law enforcement community paused to honor and pay tribute to Orange County's fallen law enforcement officers.  The sights and sounds of this year's service were documented by Orange TV and are available to you by following this LINK


An invitation for you to join
our Code Red Team

Sheriff Demings will be the first to tell you that one of the best assets a law enforcement agency can have is the support of an informed community.  The rapid dissemination of information regarding current crime trends, ongong searches for missing persons, or ongoing criminal activity in your neighborhood can benefit law enforcement greatly.

If you would like to participate in our Code Red program follow this
 LINK to the Code Red registration page and sign up to be a part of this important program


A day in court doesn't have to be a confusing one.  The Ninth Judicial Circuit web page will address many of your concerns and answer your questions about the judicial process on their informative web page.   Follow this LINK to learn more about your local judiciary andsome of the services the have to offer.


Fighting Back Against Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission

Identity theft is something each and every one of us must be aware of in our world of cyberspace commerece, credit cards, and social networking web sights.  The United States Federal Trade Commission offers some of the best information on how you and your family can protect yourselves from becoming a vicitm of identity theft on their web site.  Click on the above graphic to take a look at what they have to offer.

Public invited to review Sheriff's Office and Department of Justice report on ECD use
The public may review the United States Department of Justice and the Sheriff's Office's look into the agency's policies and procedures regarding the use of electronic control devices.  All documents associated with that review and the agency's action report can be accssed by following this LINK.
Old news, items of interest, and archived material
We invite you to visit these pages or files for a look at an old story still worth sharing, items of community interest and concern, or other archived material.  Follow the LINK to visit our Special Events page.