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Heroin Overdoses are a real and deadly concern in our community, don't
 become part of the statistics.
Seek assistance to an addiction for yourself or a loved one,
 before it's too late.
Today, purity levels are four to five times what they were in the 90's.

Attorney General Holder Calls Rise in Heroin Overdoses 'Urgent Public Health Crisis'

Orlando Sentinel-Heroin overdose deaths spike in Orange


Driving or Boating Under the Influnce...


Sheriff Jerry L. Demings reassures Orange County Residents
on the intended use of the Unmanned Aerial Surveillance
program. This device will be used lawfully, watch the video...

We are currently in a test phase of this Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) platform and will not be using this UAS until we have appropriate permissions and have implemented training and guidelines.

he OCSO has no intention of using this technology to spy on the citizens of Orange County, but to have it as a tool, like many others to bring a dangerous and potentially deadly situation to a safe conclusion, such as for a barricaded suspect(s), chemical spill, bomb threat, a missing person or child.

We will continue to be responsive and maintain our community informed, there is no effort underway to spy or hide anything from our residents, but to use technology to quickly resolve an emergency response with no injury to our first responders, save lives, apprehend criminal suspect(s) and to return a neighborhood back to normalcy.

This short video has provided some insight into our intended use.



Daylight Saving Time and
School Zone Dangers
 Stay Alert!
during the early mor ning hours of darkness


School Zone Safety is paramount and one of the concerns on a recurring basis when the subject of daylight saving time occurs and children are walking to school.Drivers will also be adjusting to the change in the lighting/daylight they are accustomed to and find themselves driving in darkness. Teens and children aren't as adept regarding the change and the lack of visibility, and will go about their morning walk listening to music, texting while walking to school assuming they can be seen as if in the daylight. We know thru previous incidents of tragedy that this is not the case.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting high visibility patrols in the school zones and there will be “Zero Tolerance” for any violators, leave early, pay attention and at best avoid a citation and at worst, what no one wants… the injury of a child!
Additional information is available on the American Academy of Pediatrics website in both English and Spanish. 

Please join us as we participate with the OCPS and other law enforcenment agencies to ensure a safe trip to school for our children and youngsters.


 The Orange County Sheriff's Office wants you to "Make a Difference"

Continue to Remain Vigilant

"If You See Something,
1-855 FLA-SAFE

I encourage our residents and community partners to remain attentive, in order to maintain the safety and quality of life for those who choose Orange County as their home and as the number one tourist destination in the world."

Sheriff Jerry L. Demings 
Click below for additional

Provided for those who may
 have questions about the
 newly announced rules.


This message is from a grant from the
Office of National Drug Control Policy

For additional Preventive Information visit:


School Crossing Guards for the 2015-2016 School Year
Now Hiring!
The Orange County Sheriff's Office is actively recruiting part time School Crossing Guards for the 2015-2016 school year. To learn more about these positions or to begin the application process follow this LINK.

School Crossing Guards-Making a Difference!




Members of Orange County's Hispanic community are cautioned to be wary of extortion calls that appear to be coming from Puerto Rico.  Suspects are calling area residents and demanding money after stating that a family member has been involved in a traffic accident.  For additional information please read our media advisory by following this LINK.

                       EN ESPANOL



An invitation for you to join
our Code Red Team

Sheriff Demings will be the first to tell you that one of the best assets a law enforcement agency can have is the support of an informed community.  The rapid dissemination of information regarding current crime trends, ongong searches for missing persons, or ongoing criminal activity in your neighborhood can benefit law enforcement greatly.

If you would like to participate in our Code Red program follow this
 LINK to the Code Red registration page and sign up to be a part of this important program


A day in court doesn't have to be a confusing one.  The Ninth Judicial Circuit web page will address many of your concerns and answer your questions about the judicial process on their informative web page.   Follow this LINK to learn more about your local judiciary andsome of the services the have to offer.


Fighting Back Against Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission

Identity theft is something each and every one of us must be aware of in our world of cyberspace commerece, credit cards, and social networking web sights.  The United States Federal Trade Commission offers some of the best information on how you and your family can protect yourselves from becoming a vicitm of identity theft on their web site.  Click on the above graphic to take a look at what they have to offer.

Public invited to review Sheriff's Office and Department of Justice report on ECD use
The public may review the United States Department of Justice and the Sheriff's Office's look into the agency's policies and procedures regarding the use of electronic control devices.  All documents associated with that review and the agency's action report can be accssed by following this LINK.
Old news, items of interest, and archived material
We invite you to visit these pages or files for a look at an old story still worth sharing, items of community interest and concern, or other archived material.  Follow the LINK to visit our Special Events page.