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A message from Sheriff Demings

I am not only pleased, but extremely proud of the fact that we had a very successful 2009 in terms of our overall crime rate and the decline from the previous year in the number of reported crimes in the county.  However, I am not naïve enough to state that one good year establishes a trend.  We must continue to do everything possible to maintain the extraordinary performance levels of the past year. 

I have always maintained that no law enforcement agency can be successful without the direct support and assistance from the community it serves.  I also believe that to be an effective crime fighting entity, a law enforcement agency must have the support of the legislative entities that make the laws we enforce and provide the budgets that enable us to accomplish our most important mission. 

I ask those of you who care about the quality of life we enjoy here in Orange County to frequently review the information we make available on our Legislative Update page.  I also encourage you to contact your elected representatives in Tallahassee and express your opinion on the proposed House and Senate bills that will directly impact law enforcement’s ability to provide the quality of service you not only expect, but deserve.

The year 2010 will present many challenges to Florida’s law enforcement agencies.  Your direct involvement in Florida’s legislative process will help us meet those challenges.  It continues to be my honor to serve as your elected Sheriff.  You have my pledge that I will continue to do everything within my power to serve you effectively.

Jerry L. Demings
Sheriff of
Orange County



Please come back and visit this site to see how our elected officials voted.

- Click on the name of the House Bill you would like to track
- Scroll down to the Referred Committees and Committee Action box
- Click on the "See Vote" tab next to each committee to see the vote

House Bill 97 was changed to SB768 - Street Racing  
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Refer to SB768 below.

Sponsor:  Representative Darren Soto 

House Bill 647 - Use of Law Enforcement Photos/Vidieos/Images  
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Died after first reading

Sponsor:  Representative Kelli Stargel 

House Bill 417 - Collective Bargaining 
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Died in messaging

Sponsor: Representative Alan Hays 

House Bill 325 - Uniform Traffic Control 
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Bill passed, 77 to 33 - This bill passed Senate 30 to 7

Sponsor: Representative Ronald Reagan 

House Bill 1193 - Retirement: Designates act "Adam Pierce Act" 
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Bill passed Bill changed to SB1932, see below

Sponsor: Representative Scott Plankton 

House Bill 1319 - Governmental Retirement Systems
OCSO OPPOSES THIS BILL - Bill withdrawn from further consideration

Sponsor: Representative Tom Grady

House Bill 1543 - Public Retirement Plans 
OCSO opposed this bill which was withdrawn from further consideration

Sponsor: Representative Juan Zapata

House Bill 5701 - Health Insurance Subsidies 
OCSO opposed this bill which was withdrawn from further consideration

Sponsor:  Representative David Rivera 


Please come back and visit this site to see how our elected officials voted

- Click on the name of the legislation you would like to track
- Scroll down to "Vote history - Committee"
- Click on the "PDF file" next to each committee to see the vote

Senate Bill 2166 - Relating to Uniform Traffic Control (WPSC) 

Sponsor: Senator Thad Altman

Senate Bill 610 - Collective Bargaining for Certain Public Employees  
Sponsor: Senator Mike Fasano 

Senate Bill 768 - Louis Rivera Ortega Stree Racing Act  
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Bill passed, 38-0, in the Senate and passed the House 114 - 0.

Sponsor: Senator Lee Constantine 

Senate Bill 484 - Elderly Rehabilitated Inmate Program 
OCSO opposed this bill in which was withdrawn from further consideration
Sponsor: Senator Chris Smith 

Senate Bill 1506 - Law Enforcement Photos/Video Recordings/Use -
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Died in committee

Sponsor: Senator Steve Oelrich

Senate Bill 1932 - Retirement/Special Risk Class/Qualitfying Injury -
OCSO SUPPORTS THIS BILL - Bill passed house 118 to 0 and passed Senate 38 to 0

Senator Thad Altman

Senate Bill 242 - Relating to Restraints During Juvenile Proceedings
OCSO opposed this bill which was withdrawn from further consideration
Sponsor: Senator Frederica Wilson

Senate Bill 1902 - Relating to Public Retirement Plans 
OCSO opposed this bill in which further action has been postponed
Sponsor: Senator Mike Bennett

Contact Information

Please contact Orange County Sheriff's Office Legislative Liaison Officer Capt. Mike Fewless for additional information or answers to your questions regarding the above proposed legislation. or telephone at 407.254.7026.