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One of the most valuable, yet unheralded, tools in the agency's operational inventory is its Reserve Unit.  Reserve deputies are fully sworn law enforcement officers who volunteer their time and expertise to the Sheriff's Office.

Reserve Deputies can work independently or with a partner, depending on their designation, experience, and training.  Many of the Deputies who serve within the Reserves are retired law enforcement officers who bring years of real-world experience to the unit. 

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are issued the same uniform and equipment, with the exception of a patrol car, as their full-time counterparts.  In addition to the tools of the trade, the Sheriff's Office provides workers compensation insurance for Reserve Deputies acting in an official capacity.  


All Reserve candidates are required to go through the same stringent background checks and training as a full-time Deputy Sheriff.  The extensive background process and drug screening assures that the agency's volunteer deputies are of good moral character and reputation.  Prospective Reserve candidates also undergo medical, psychological, and polygraph examinations.

Reserve Unit Responsibility

Department policy mandates that Reserve Deputies perform a minimum of 20 hours of duty assignments each month, 10 of which must be in patrol, however most of the agency's Reserve Deputies volunteer much more than this minimum requirement.  They must also attend Reserve training, a monthly meeting and are required to undergo regular firearms proficiency training.  Reserve Deputies are also subject to call outs for special assignments and emergencies.

Reserve Deputies in training must complete their mandatory field training program within two years from the date they are sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff.  This extensive training and evaluation program is the same one that the agency requires its full-time Deputies complete.  It is carefully designed to ensure that all of the agency's sworn personnel have a thorough understanding of local ordinances, agency policy, and law enforcement procedures.