Patrol Support Section

 Lieutenant Mark McCarthy - Section Commander

Patrol Support operates under the command of the Uniform Patrol Divsion and, just as the name implies, its sections provide invaluable support to the patrol function.  The Field Training Evaluation Program is, in a sense, the agency's quality control program for new deputies joining the agency.  New recruits as well as seasoned law enforcement veterans are required to undergo an evaluation process to ensure they have the training and skills necessary to perform their tasks as deputies.  You will also find the Crime Prevention Unit working under the Patrol Support banner.  Deputies assigned to this unit are seasoned crime prevention practicioners who provide invaluable information to citizens and business owners on how to reduce their risks of becoming victims of crimes.  Finally, the agency's civilian, all volunteer task force and the sworn Reserve Unit serve within Patrol Support.  These two volunteer units provide countless hours of their time to support a number of agency operations and functions.  The Honor Guard also serves under the command of Patrol Support.  This is an award winning unit that represents the agency at a number of special events nationwide.