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nWhat do I do if I am involved in an auto accident?

If safe to do so, pull off the road.  Stay in your vehicle and call 9-1-1.  Give the dispatcher  your location.  If you are not sure of your location, ask a by-stander from the safety of vehicle for the street and closest intersection.  You may also utilize your GPS system or any landmarks.  9-1-1 can provide Police/Fire/Medical Services.  The Sheriff's Office does not investigate auto accidents but will contact to the appropriate agency for you.
Where can I get information on driving laws in Florida?

Such as turning on red? You can get more information on Florida Traffic Laws by visiting “Online Sunshine” at Florida traffic laws are listed in Chapters 316-324
nI purchased an International Drivers License on the Internet is it valid? No, The U.S. will only recognize the International Driving Permit (IDP)
nMy wallet was lost or stolen and I need my drivers license to get on my plane.  What do I do?

You can call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 407-836-HELP or the local law enforcement agency if you are the victim of a theft. A deputy will respond and assist.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Office does not respond to lost items, however you may go to our website at and click on the banner labeled “E-Reporting- File A Police Report Online”. E-Reporting has specific instructions on what you may or may not report.
My passport was lost or stolen.  What do I do?

If your passport is lost or stolen, report it immediately.  Time is important since your Consular Office or Embassy will need a police report for you to continue your travel.  In some instances you may have to go to another city or state to get new passports.  By not calling immediately it may delay your travel plans.  E-Reporting is not recommended or should be utilized for lost or stolen passports. 
nMy insurance company/rental car company/cell phone provider/airline need a copy of the police report.  How do I get a copy?

 In most instances a deputy is not able to give you a copy of the report.  The deputy will provide you with a business card that has his/her name, contact information along with the date, time and the incident information to include the case number.  You may contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Records Section at 407-254-7280 Mon-Fri. from 8AM-4 PM (closed legal holidays) The records section can assist with getting you the documents you need.
I need a copy of an auto accident report.  Can I get it from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office does not handle auto accidents and only keeps records of incidents investigated by this agency.  You can obtain those documents from the investigating agency.  The Officer who takes the report should provide you with that information.
nA family member/friend/co-worker was arrested in Orange County.  How do I get information?

If anyone is arrested in Orange County or any municipality within Orange County they are taken to the Orange County Jail.  You can receive information on current inmates by going to: 
Where is the jail located?

Booking and Release Center (BRC) is located at 3855 South John Young Park Way, Orlando, FL 32839 (Approximately one mile south of Interstate Four exit 79).
How do I bond someone out?

Proceed to one of the "Clerk of the Courts" public windows in the lobby. These windows are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To bond a person out of jail, you can either contact a bonding company by looking in the telephone book under "Bail Bonds" or you can bring the full, exact amount of the bond in the form of cash, a certified/cashier's check or  a money order (no personal checks) to the Clerk of the Court. Proper Identification is needed.
nOur group would like to hire deputies to work our event.  Is this a service the Orange County Sheriff’s Office can provide?

Yes, you can learn more by going to  click on the “community tab”, and then “Extra Duty Enforcement Services” tab.  You can also check with the hotel/resort who is helping you plan your event.  In many instances they are familiar with this service and may put you directly in contact with a deputy who will assist. 
Does the Orange County Sheriff’s Office provide a VIP or Dignitary Protection Service?

Yes.  You may go to click on the “community tab” and then “extra Duty Enforcement Services” tab to learn more.  This is a service that you must contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office directly. Different contracts and applications are available from Off-Duty Services, and they can assist with your needs.  The O.C.S.O. only provides these services in unincorporated Orange County.

Our organization is a frequent target of protesters, special interest groups and we have had disruptions at events in the past.  This is something we are concerned about and would like police assistance.  How do we get assistance?

You can contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Homeland/Intelligence Section during regular business hours M-F at 407-254-7100.  Please provide enough notice so the Intelligence Unit can properly investigate. 

Important Telephone Numbers
ALL EMERGENCIES - Police/Fire/Medical 
Dial 9-1-1

  • nPolice/Fire/Medical (ALL AREAS)  9-1-1
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office 24 Hour Non-Emergency 407-836- Help (4357)
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office Main Administrative  (Investigations) 407-254-7000
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sector 5 Substation (I-Drive Area) 407-351-9368
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sector 6 Substation  (Walt Disney Area) 407-939-3200
  • Orlando Police Department 24 Hour Non-Emergency 321-235-5300
  • Florida Highway Patrol 24 Hour Non-Emergency (Auto Accidents) 407-737-2300
  • Dr. P. Phillips Hospital (Formerly Sandlake Hospital) Main 407-351-8500
  • Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) 407-841-5111
  • Florida Hospital Celebration 407-303-4000
Important numbers you can call from you cell phone - 3-digit dialing
  • Florida Highway Patrol Auto Accidents - Dial *FHP or *347
  • Road Closures and alternate route information - Dial 5-1-1
  • Orange County Government Information - Dial 311
  • Directory Assistance- Dial 4-1-1
10 digit dialing is NOT required when calling any of the above numbers.  You will not be billed for any of these calls by 911, *FHP, 511 or 311.  Please check with your carrier to see if they charge for these calls. You may be billed for 411 and it is NOT a free government line or service. When calling *FHP (*347) You must dial the *Star key first.