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Sheriff Demings recognizes that volunteerism is a vital part of the success of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and encourages anyone with an interest in law enforcement and making a postive contribution to their community to seriously consider joining the many volunteers who are on board and graciously giving their time to the agency. Volunteerism allows members of the community to take an active part in the solutions to issues which face our community. Volunteers learn more about law enforcement and serve as a valuable resource in the overall efficiency of the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office.

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteers live longer, healthier lives
  • It provides personal enrichment
  • To be challenged
  • To have an impact

Who is qualified to Volunteer?

  • Men and women 18 years of age or older (with the exception of our Explorer program
  • Candidates who successfully meet the selection criteria of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Program application process

 Volunteer Opportunities

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has a variety of volunteer opportunities available that just might be right for you!  You can volunteer your time in an assistance/support role in various departments throughout the agency or volunteer in areas where you can put your specialized skills to work.  While we always endeavor to accomodate requests for volunteer service, some of our volunteer positions may not be open at the time you submit your application.   


Only if you want to apply for a Volunteer position or to update your Volunteer application  if you previously applied on this web site.

Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol is a nonconfrontational neighborhood patrol program. Volunteers are not law enforcement officers, but are trained to be the “eyes and ears” for the Sheriff’s Office in their own neighborhood. Volunteers donate their time to patrol neighborhoods while driving special Sheriff’s Office vehicles. Citizens who have passed a screening process will then participate in a volunteer academy that includes training in areas such as crime prevention, first aid, CPR, how to spot suspicious and criminal activity and more.

Reserve Deputy


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has a very active and productive Reserve Deputy program, at times, running an entire patrol squad, providing deputies much needed assistance. A Reserve Deputy must be a Florida certified law enforcement officer. A Reserve Deputy has the same “police power” as a full-time Orange County Deputy Sheriff, except they volunteer their services. Their uniforms are identical to an Orange County Deputy Sheriff and all necessary uniforms and equipment are provided.

A Reserve Deputy with an auxiliary certification has arrest powers and may act as a law enforcement officer, but only when being directly supervised by fully certified Orange County Deputy Sheriff. They must complete an “AuxiliaryAcademy,” which is approximately 319 hours. In addition, they must demonstrate proficiency in high liability areas such as defensive tactics, weapons and driving. All Reserve Deputies donate at least 20 hours of service per month and attend one monthly meeting.

Task Force

 This is one of our most active units. Members wear uniforms and are trained in traffic, crowd and perimeter control, search and rescue, disasters, parades, and other public activities. They are ready to be of service whenever needed, serving the community and promoting public safety by assisting any city, county, state, or federal agency in any endeavor for which they are qualified.

Explorer Post 61

Considering a career in law enforcement? If you are in the 9th grade, between the ages of 14 and 19, and currently enrolled in an academic institution with a minimum average of 2.0, this program was designed for you! The unit provides role models to showcase the various aspects and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer while instilling values and leadership skills. Participants will perform services for civic organizations as well as our community as a whole. Competitive events with other explorer posts in pistol shooting and related areas emphasize teamwork and team spirit.  Follow the LINK to learn more about our Explorer program.

Chaplaincy Program

Whatever the need…we’ll be there! Employees often respond to very traumatic calls for help. Sometimes they’re not able to provide all of the assistance the victim requires. At those times, we call on one of our many agency chaplains who represent a number of denominations. This program has been established within the agency to provide emotional and spiritual support to its members, employees, and their respective families. The chaplains graciously assist victims and their families with death notifications, stress management, and a number of other services.

Chaplains must meet the following criteria:

1. Have minimum of five years of continuous experience in the ministry.

2. Present a letter of support and good standing from the sponsoring religious body/denomination.

3. No history of ordination or license revocation.

4. Must be able to respond on a 24-hour basis in the event of an emergency.

5. Possess an Ecclesiastical Certification as an Ordained minister.

Police Athletic League

The Orange County Police Athletic League is a juvenile crime prevention organization in which law enforcement officers utilize athletic and recreational activities to influence youngsters to avoid the temptations of crime, drugs and violence. Through its sports and educational programs P.A.L. encourages children to become law-abiding citizens. Orange County P.A.L. relies on volunteers for the success of its programs. Volunteers serve as coaches, officials, scorekeepers, mentors and chaperones. P.A.L. actively seeks the support of law enforcement officers and civilian volunteers to fulfill its mission of filling playgrounds, not prisons.

Student Internships

The internship program within the Orange County Sheriff’s Office allows students to work with deputies and specialized units to better prepare themselves for their chosen careers. This is a volunteer program, but allows students to gain work experience and, in some instances, earn college credit for their time. Students in Criminal Justice or a similar major will rotate throughout the agency and, if accepted, will be sponsored to a law enforcement academy after graduation.

To learn more about these volunteer opportunites or others please call 407.254.7000 or download our volunteer informational brochure.