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Meet Our Recruiters:

Our recruiters are dedicated to helping you find your career path regardless if it’s in a sworn or civilian position.

Sergeant Angel Cirino

[email protected]
(407) 415-1517


Rick Demarco

[email protected]
(407) 448-6804

Recruiter DeMarco specializes in questions from our candidates with military experience. He can answer questions with regards to military benefits.  DeMarco is a retired Master Sergeant from United States Marine Corps.  He proudly served in the USMC for 21 years.  

Deputy Christina Cordero

[email protected]

(407) 450-6158

Deputy Christina Cordero is a E-6, Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserves. She specializes in questions regarding deputies in the military reserves. 

Deputy Cindy Zayas

[email protected]

(407) 450-6588

Functional Fitness For Deputies

The Orange County Sheriff's Office Functional Fitness Workout is a full workout made up of 10 separate exercises. If you are interested in becoming a deputy at the Orange County Sheriff's Office or have already been accepted into the academy, we recommend you complete this workout several times a week. Take water breaks if needed. As always, be sure to consult with a physician before beginning any exercise regimen.





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