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Property Crimes and Robberies in your Zone

The accuracy of this information is based solely on the reports received by the Crime Analysis Unit during the specified time periods.

The information is based on initial complaints and does not reflect the following:

  • UCR (Uniform Crime Report) reporting or statistics
  • Number of Arrests, cases that are Unfounded or cases that are reclassified.

The report below covers Property Crimes and Robberies reported to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. The report provides 90 days of data as of the previous day.  The report includes the block range of the reported incident, not the specific address.

If you need additional property crime or robbery information not covered on this report please call the Crime Analysis Unit at (407) 254-7260.  Fees may apply for additional information in compliance with F.S. 119.

If you are looking for statistics for all crimes, or for any crimes other than property crimes and robberies, please call the Records department at (407) 254-7280.

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Property Crimes and Robberies

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