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Judicial Process Section

Captain Mary Huggins - Section Commander

425 N. Orange Ave. Suite 240
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 836-4570
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

The Judicial Process Section of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office interacts directly with the public of Orange County for the purpose of serving various civil and enforceable papers. The civil papers are served by the civilian Civil Process Officers and the enforceable papers are served by the Enforceable Writs deputy sheriffs. Both are supported by the Witness Management squad, the Injunction squad, and the Judicial Process squad as well as the Sales Coordinator. The constant interaction with the public allows the Judicial Process Section to provide excellent service of civil processes and court orders which can be confusing and time sensitive. The Judicial Process Section is committed to assisting the public through the use of technology, courtesy, and diligence. 

Judicial Process Fee Schedule

The Judicial Process Section provides the service of civil and enforceable papers to all serviceable areas of Orange County. Detailed price listings for service can be found below.

Judicial Process Counter
Type of Process Cost of Individualized Service
Summons (per person being served) / Garnishments $40.00
Subpoena / Orders, Notices, Evictions, Civil Injunctions $40.00
Writ of Assistance $40.00 Service
$90.00 Execution
Writ of Bodily Attachment $90.00
Protection Orders / Injunctions (e.g. Domestic Violence) $0.00
Distress Writ $40.00 Service
$90.00 Execution
Writ of Attachment $90.00
Writ of Replevin $90.00
Writ of Possession $90.00
Out-of-State Non-Enforceable Process $55.00
Child Custody Orders (any form) $90.00
Mental Health Ex Parte Order $0.00


The legal eviction process is made up of 3 essential steps:

3 Day Notice
5 Day Eviction or an Unlawful Detainer
24 Hour Writ of Possession 

Eviction Process Flow Chart


Contesting an Eviction

  • The tenant may petition the court to stay the eviction (halt further legal procedures) at the Orange County Clerk of Courts.
  • If the Judge grants you, the tenant, your request, the eviction is cancelled and you, the tenant, can remain in the property.
  • To proceed with the eviction after a cancellation, the plaintiff/landlord must file an "alias" Writ of Possession with the Orange County Clerk of Courts. A new $90.00 fee will be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Summons / Notices (7-10 business days)
  • Evictions (5-Day/Unlawful Detainer: Call after 3 days / 24 Hour Writ of Possession: The deputy will call you)

We use the United States Postal Service ( and Orange County Property Appraiser (

  • After your 5 Day Summons for Eviction or Unlawful Detainer is served, you count 5 business days (Monday – Friday). On the 6th day, you are eligible to file for a 24 Hour Writ of Possession
  • You can file for a 24 Hour Writ of Possession at the Clerk of Courts (Room 310) Monday-Thursday 7:30am until 10:00am
  • Plaintiff/landlord must obtain the Writ of Possession from the Clerk of the Court and bring it to the Sheriff's Office for service

There is a service charge for each individual being served by the civil process server or deputy regardless of whether or not they share an address

  •   The 24 Hour Writ of Possession is the exception - the service fee is a flat rate of $90.00
  • The deputy needs a valid phone number with voicemail features to set up the appointment for eviction
  • At your appointment, you must be able to enter the property and change the locks or have a locksmith on site

The Clerk of Courts and the Sheriff’s Office are separate offices. The fees to file and the fees we charge to serve are different.

  • There are 3 steps to the eviction process: 3 day notice, 5 Day Eviction/Unlawful Detainer, and 24 Hour Writ of Possession
  • The Clerk of Courts (Room 310) sells a packet with all of the paperwork and you can file your eviction there
  • A 24 Hour Writ of Possession is not to be taken literally; after it is posted the tenant has at least 24 hours before the eviction will be enforced.
  • The deputy will call the landlord/plaintiff to set up the appointment at a later date.
  • At your appointment you must be able to gain entry to the property and change the locks.
    • You must have a locksmith present if you cannot gain entry to the property.
  • If you are unable to gain entry at the time of your appointment, the 24 Hour Writ of Possession will be returned unexecuted (not served).
    • You must then file an "Alias" 24 Hour Writ of Possession at the Clerk of Courts.
    • You will be charged another $90.00 fee to attempt service again.
  • Our records must match what the Clerk of Courts has on file
  • Any changes you make to a legal document must be rescanned and recorded by the Clerk of Courts (Room 310) before processing

Additional Information

Orange County Clerk of Courts

United States Postal System

Orange County Property Appraiser


We Accept Cash (exact change only), Check, Money Orders, and Credit Cards (convenience fee charged on all credit card transactions)

Make All Checks / Money Orders Payable to : Orange County Sheriff's Office