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Records/Identification Section

Director Mary C. Gouvellis


As you would imagine, a law enforcement agency the size of the Orange County Sheriff's Office generates a lot of "paperwork" in the form of written police reports and the myriad of documents generated during the investigation of a crime. The responsibility for maintaining that paperwork, properly documenting it, and storing it for quick retrieval is one of the many responsibilities of the agency's Records/Identification Section. Worth noting, paperwork has become passé at the Sheriff's Office. For several years the agency has been making a steady transition towards becoming a paperless agency. Many of the once handwritten or typed documents are now produced, disseminated, and maintained electronically.

Location/Hours of Operation

2500 W. Colonial Drive

Orlando, FL 32804


Phone: (407) 254-7280


8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Public Fingerprinting Temporary unavailable until further notice

Closed Holidays and weekends


Request Copy of Report

Request for Incident Report(s) are accepted in person, via mail, phone request and email. Requests that are handled by mail must include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  You may email your request to the Records/Identification Section at records@ocfl.net. Request for criminal history checks are not accepted via email.

Criminal History Request

Local criminal history checks are available from the Records/Identification Section for a fee of $5.00. You may come to the office or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with $5.00 along with your request. We accept money order or cashier's check.


Statewide checks can be obtained through Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), by calling (850) 410-8109.

Public Fingerprinting

We are currently renovating the west lobby and will not be providing fingerprinting services until further notice. Please contact any other law enforcement agency to find out what fingerprinting services they offer.

Public fingerprinting services are offered on Thursdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. You must be signed in no later than 3:00 pm in order to be fingerprinted. You must bring a valid photo identification  and the fingerprint card provided by the company or agency making the request. The fee for this service is $10.00 per card and $5.00 for concealed weapon payable in cash, money order or credit card.