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High Risk Incident Command

High risk incident command staff discussing response

If the name of this command doesn't tip you off in terms of its importance to the day to day operation of the Sheriff's Office, the units that serve under it certainly will.  

These are the folks who get the call during the most critical incidents that occur in the county.  

The range of assignments handled by HRIC can span from the recovery and rendering safe of an explosive device to the long term recovery of a natural disaster that has crippled the county.  

Worth noting, is the fact that most of the personnel who have volunteered to serve on an HRIC unit all have "day jobs."  That is, they all work regular assignments within the agency, but are ready at a moment's notice, to respond to a critical incident when the call goes out.  Clearly, HRIC is a vital component of the operational inventory of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.