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Calling 9-1-1: What to Expect

Name:  You will be asked your name and if you want to meet with a deputy


Contact Info:  We ask you the phone number where you can be reached if we need to call back or if we get disconnected


Location:  When you call 9-1-1from a cell phone, be able to tell us where you help is needed. This is critical information we need to have.

Give the address; include building number, apartment/suite number.  If you do not have that information, tell us the name of the business or intersection you are near.

Try to be aware of your surroundings. Make a real effort to be as detailed as possible. If you are outside and don't know the street address; take a look around and try to find landmarks or cross streets. If you are inside a large building or one with multiple levels, you can help emergency services, by letting them know which floor you are on, which apartment you are in, etc.


Time Lapse:  When did the crime/incident occur?


Weapons:  Are there any weapons?  What type of weapon? (Gun, rifle, knife, machete, etc.) What hand is weapon in? Where is the weapon now?


Injuries:  Is anyone injured? (you will possibly hear clicks on the phone and a second voice asking you questions as well  if you answer yes)


Subject:  Is the subject still there? What does the subject look like? (Race, gender, clothing description, etc.)

What is the subject’s name? Is the subject on foot or in a vehicle?  Is the subject carrying anything? Is the subject known to the caller? Where is the subject possibly going?


Vehicles:  What is the description of the car? (Year, make, model, dents, stickers, etc.) What is the tag number? What is the direction of travel of the subject?