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Teach your children their home address and phone number

In case of emergencies, they may be the only one available to call 9-1-1.


If you misdial 9-1-1

Do not hang up. Stay on the line and advise the call taker. Otherwise a deputy must be dispatched to try and locate you, which ties up valuable resources.


Why are you asked so many questions

Public Safety Tele communicators need to get accurate information for the safety of the caller and the deputies responding to your call. The information received is relayed to the deputies that will handle the call for service.


Reasons to not use 9-1-1

  • To ask for telephone numbers
  • During a storm to report the power is out at your home, unless it is an emergency. Call your local electric company
  • To ask for non-emergency transportation
  • To speak with a detective regarding an ongoing investigation
  • For information on court dates or times, bail amounts, whether or not someone is in custody or hours of visitation at the jail