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Florida Wildlife: Respect It

  • The State of Florida is home to many wild animals and wildlife to include alligators, deer, fox as well as a host of poisonous snakes, turtles and other wildlife. It is not uncommon to see wildlife in populated areas. 
  • If you encounter any wildlife, please remember that they are dangerous animals. While attacks are not common the wildlife can easily be provoked.
  • Please do not touch, handle or attempt to feed the wildlife or try to get in close range for a family photo.  Not only is it dangerous, but in some instances it is against the law.
  • If you feel the wildlife is a nuisance or a danger to others, please do not attempt to corral, capture or attempt to control the animal.  Contact 9-1-1 immediately. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Fire Dept. and other agencies have trained personnel that can assist and respond.
  • If you desire interaction with wildlife, please check with your tour operator or hotel.  Many area attractions have interaction with wild animals to include feeding.