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Consumer Alerts For Tourists

Unsolicited flyers left under your hotel room door:

  • Many hotels/resorts/time-shares have a “NO SOLICITING” policy.  This is done to ensure the safety and security of all guests.
  • Most of these fliers are distributed under the room door with out permission and in most cases are a food product solicitation.
  • Please note that most hotels/resorts/time-shares will not leave any unsolicited material under your room door unless it has the official hotel name and/or logo printed on it.
  • If you encounter any fliers under your room door, and are not sure of the validity, please contact the front desk of the property and the staff will be happy to verify if it is a business they use.
  • Please note that most legitimate business do not leave fliers under the door. Many resorts that have limited food service may offer a reference to a business that may deliver.  Always check with the front desk.

Theme Park Tickets - Buyer Beware!

When purchasing tickets it is always best to purchase them from a reliable source such as the theme park itself or an authorized vendor.  An inexpensive purchase from the internet or from a roadside vendor may leave you with no recourse if the tickets are not valid.  For discounted theme park tickets you can also check with your travel agent, tour operator, event planner or the lodging establishment you are staying with.

Retail Purchases

Many vacations include a trip to the local mall and outlets for that new camera, outfit or beach attire.  On some occasions you may find the item is not working properly, does not fit like it did in the store, or you may have just found a better deal. While traveling and making any retail purchase it is best to check the retailers policy on refunds, returns and exchanges.   If the retailer does not have a policy, or does not allow refunds, returns and exchanges it is best to shop at a business that does or with a major chain retailer that may allow a refund, return or exchange at your home destination or by shipping.