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While out in public:

  • Do not display large amounts of money.  Place small amounts in different pockets to assist with this or use credit cards or travelers checks.
  • Make copies of your credit cards front and back and place them in a secured place for your records (room safe).  This can be very useful if you need to report a lost or stolen card.
  • If you see something suspicious, call 911 immediately. When you return to your hotel, use the main entrance especially in the evening.
  • Be wary of solicitors. Use reputable places of business for all your entertainment transactions.
  • Travel in pairs or groups if possible.
  • Always have a meeting place for the kids to meet you if they get lost.
  • Teach your kids your name, house phone and cell phone number.
  • Small children should always be led by the hand when crossing the road or near busy streets.
  • Small children should have their name and phone number placed on their clothes label or the inside of a shoe flap with a permanent marker in case they are lost.
  • Use the sidewalk and pedestrian crossings.